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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's Da Scoop - Ice Cream Truck

Last Friday we had several food trucks come to my office! That was a nice surprise. Apparently they had signs up in the halls but I never saw them! :P

We could see them pull into the parking lot one by one right outside our window! I got really excited when I saw an ice cream truck, What's Da Scoop! One I haven't seen before. It had giant scoops of ice cream on top of the truck. I really liked that. hehe.

What's Da Scoop
Price: $

I was all trying to be good that day. I had brought my lunch, I was gonna go work out, but that went out the window... XP I really wanted to try the ice cream. While waiting for them to get all set up, I started looking online for their menus. haha. What's Da Scoop was the main one for me since I've had some of the others like Ssahm and Ruthie's. And their flavors all had fun names and sounded delicious!

As soon as they were open for business I headed outside. I didn't want to wait for the lunch crowd to show up.My coworker and I were the first ones to the window. She decided to have dessert first, like me! :P

I really wanted a cone but I held back and decided on 2 Scoops $4.25~
Snap-O-Lantern (spicy pumpkin ice cream with ginger snap pieces) (bottom). It was a pretty bright orange. It had quite a bit of spice to it which I liked. But it overwhelmed the pumpkin flavor a bit. And they definitely need more ginger snap bits in there because when I finally got one, it was awesome!
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (cheesecake ice cream, raspberry ripplet, oreo pieces) (top). Even though I love pumpkin, I liked Kitty better. You couldn't really taste the cheesecake flavor, but I enjoyed the raspberry swirl and oreo pieces combo. I mean, anything with crushed oreos is good right? :)
The ice cream consistency was pretty good. Not super creamy, but still pretty rich. I liked it. Great on a warm day. Good thing it wasn't too hot that day.

My coworker got one of the Specialty Cones $5~
Pure Satisfaction (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip). 
It was pretty epic. It was pretty much a double scoop and then dipped completely in chocolate. OMG. A bit messy to eat, but the chocolate shell was great. If you've ever had Magic Shell, you can do this at home! :P The ice cream was good. And I can definitely taste the sea salt. But we were wondering where the dulce de leche was. As she made her way into the cone, we discovered that they drizzle the sauce inside the cone. Pretty cool, haven't seen that done before. But the problem is... (well, maybe not a problem for some people) that all the sauce pools at the bottom of the cone for one super sweet bite. Not for me, but I can see a lot of people disagreeing with me here. haha.

It was wayyy too much. It's all I've had all day and I was regretting the double scoops. haha. But I did that to myself. The ice cream was good. It was a hefty size and very affordable. I find most food trucks to be overpriced, so this was a nice surprise. I'd totally get it again the next time I see it. Although I'd probably stick to 1 scoop next time. haha. :P

Quality of Food:


Ambiance: n/a

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