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Monday, July 22, 2013

Japan 2013: Osaka - Pastries & Desserts

Now the Tokyo posts are all done... we're moving on to the next city! Osaka! I have to say I wasn't impressed with Osaka last year so I wasn't really excited to spend much time there. But this time was different. Had some amazing food and better experience in the city. It's actually quite nice. It's quieter and less hectic than Tokyo but is still a big city. The Osaka Castle is something cool to check out too! :) 

Check out some awesome pastries and desserts! 

Harbs is a bakery/restaurant. We saw several throughout the trip, usually located in food courts in department stores. Their cakes are massive and pretty. There's usually a line to sit inside the store so we got our cake to go.
Green Tea Mousse Cake (bittersweet organic green tea mouse with sweet azuki beans, in fresh whipped cream) 1 slice for 630Yen~ They packaged it with ice packs and put it into an insulated paper bag too. So impressed! :P And the cake?? Awwwwesome!! 

Random bakery pics :) 

They have ice cream vending machines all over the place. Some are Haagen Dazs and others are not. I wanted to try it since last year but never got around to it so finally got one outside of Osaka Castle. I was so excited. But it was disappointing. Pricey and TINY! :( Meh. Totally not satisfying. 
So I ended up getting another soft serve immediately after! Hah!! :P 

Soft Serve in a squeeze pouch from a vending machine. It was yum! But expensive...

Walking through Dotonbori (a famous food area in Osaka) we came across this small cafe with gelato. After all the soft serve, we haven't had any gelato yet! They had some interesting flavors. Had to try it... The white one is Hokkaido Cream Cheese. The purple is Purple Potato. The orange/yellow is Hokkaido Pumpkin (with actual pumpkin chunks in it!) All three flavors were fantastic. 

Starbucks Matcha Frappe. So freaking amazing here. I don't know why they can't make it this way in the states. I got one after I came back and was seriously disappointed. :'( I miss this sooo much!!!!!!!! 

Green Tea Float from Mikiya Coffee. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome. :) 



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