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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Japan 2013: Tokyo - Street Foods & Snacks

Soft Serve (and ice cream) was the star attraction on this trip. I think I had it almost everyday... One day I had it 3 times! Sooo good! :P 

Fish Ice Cream Pastry thing.. I think it had frozen custard and red bean on the inside then dipped in matcha white chocolate on the outside. 

The best soft serve place. Also in Asakusa (Sensoji Temple area). I tried the Almond Jelly and Pudding flavors. YUM!!!!!! 

This is from the store next to the one I like.. not as good. haha. Although the Gold Kiwi Fruit flavor was cool. 

Ramune (soda) flavored soft serve in Harajuku. I didn't care for it. 

Crepes! :) **FYI: Crepes for U inside Asia World on Legacy and 75 in Plano is comparable, if not better than any of the crepe places I've had on the trip! ** 
Apple Cinnamon & Gelato @ Harajuku

Saw these pre-packaged crepes to go... Got a chocolate & banana and a black sesame. It wasn't very good. Too much crepe, and it was cold and soft. :( The black sesame was yummy though. haha. 

Giant Square Cream Puffs. Looks more impressive than it's taste. haha. Too big for one person, but I ate it all myself! Bwahahahaha! I was very impressed by the packaging in Japan though. They ask you if you are eating it now or taking it to go. If to-go then they put in some cold packs to keep the pastry cold! 

These banana cakes are all the rage right now. I had to stand in line to buy them. The leopard print ones have a chocolate/banana cream inside. Looks cute but not worth the wait or money. The cake is a bit dry, and the cream could have more chocolate flavor. 

Grilled pancake things we walked by in Shin-Okubo area. The guy was super funny and friendly so we decided to try it. We got it filled with Sweet Potato and cinnamon Sugar in another. They are grilled and pressed so crispy outside, soft and melty inside. Very good!! 

More Asakusa street food. Black sesame pastry with red bean filling. 

Matcha. Matcha. Matcha! I loves it! I had matcha everyday! Whether in drinks or desserts and snacks. can't get enough! :) 
The greatest Matcha Latte ever! They need to make it in a bigger cup!
Haagen Dazs Matcha ice cream at Narita airport before we flew back to the US. hehe. 

Savory snacks... 
Some sort of fried fish cake thing? Not sure, but it was delicious! 

Takoyaki. Octopus balls topped with Bonito flakes. I hate this stuff. Never enough octopus, and the dough is goopey and heavy. But the bf never had it before so he wanted to try. I helped eat 1 and the rest was all his. haha 

Misc snacks and cute foods! :P 


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