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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Japan 2013: Tokyo - Baked Goods & Cafes

Finally getting around to posting my Japan food pics!! I've been back from Japan for over 2 weeks now and been pretty busy (and jet lagged!) haha. 

I was fortunate enough to go back to Japan this year, since I just went last year! The food there is amazing, as always so get ready to enjoy the massive amounts of food porn coming your way!! There's going to be a ton of posts in the next week or so... At least I hope to get them all posted soon. 

I'm kicking the party off with some of Tokyo's baked goods! 

Asian pastries, cakes and bread!! OM NOM NOM! 


Sweet Potato Donut Balls 

Mille Crepe Cake & drinks at Excelsior Cafe. I LOVE MATCHA LATTES!!!!

@ Burdigala Bakery: 

Sweet potato cakes. We had these almost ever other day. 
The best one was a stand we found in Asakusa. The Suiito (golden brown cake with blended cream, milk, and egg with sweet potato paste) 210Yen~ 

I LOVE Doughnut Plant. I had to hunt it down because I wanted the matcha donut I saw last year. But sadly, it was a seasonal flavor and they didn't have it this year... But we got to try some other flavors. 

Summer Orange & Cashew Nut Cream 
Cherry & Cranberry

Milk & Custard Cream (my favorite) 

Caramel & Banana Cream


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