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Friday, July 19, 2013

HG Sply Co.

Finally got to check out HG Sply Co. in Lower Greenville last Saturday. I was excited when I first heard of its opening. The food pictures looked so goooood! I went with 2 of my friends who are also huge foodies and wanted to try this place as well. 

HG Sply Co. 
2008 Greenville Ave 
Dallas, TX 75206 
(469) 334-0895 
Price: $$-$$$$ 

They focus on fresh and simple ingredients from wildlife and natural farming. Some people call it the Paleo (paleolithic) diet which follows the diet back in the caveman days where it's fresh meat and veggies, nuts, etc. Sounds great to me! 

The place was pretty packed when I arrived at 7pm. I liked the rustic decor a lot. It was a bit loud inside though. Our waitress was super friendly and seemed to know a lot about the menu. She went through some of the popular items with us. Although everything sounded delicious. 

We started with the Blood Orange Glazed Pork Belly (crispy pig's ear, fennel, bourbon-sage apple puree) $11~ 
Pork belly, what more do I need to say. If it's on the menu, it needs to be ordered. hahaha. And it's not often you see pig's ear on a western menu! The piece of pork belly was bigger than we expected. The meat was tender, with just the right amount of fat. The skin could've been much crisper though. The flavors were great. I loved the pairing with the bourbon sage apple puree. Salty meats sweet. The pig's ear was cute with it sticking up from the pork belly. But they removed the cartilage, which is the best part of the pig's ear! I was hoping for that crunch and didn't get it. But overall yummy. 

Apple & Orange Salad (shaved fennel, arugula, hazelnuts, citrus-basil vinaigrette, local blue cheese) $8~ This was really fresh. I loved the combo of the hazelnut with the arugula and fennel. It was also lightly dressed which I prefer. Good start to the meal so far. 

One friend ordered the New York Strip (wild mushroom ragoul) $27~ 

The steak looked awesome with the mushrooms on top. It was cooked a perfect med rare. But it lacked seasoning. Boooo... Definitely needed more salt. And I noticed the cut of meat had a lot of sinew still on it. I had to cut some off the piece that was shared with me. And I saw that my friend had cut off a sizable chunk on the rest of the steak. For $27, the steak did not deliver... :( The mushrooms were pretty good though. 

He also got a side of Grilled Pineapple & Nectarines $6~ Pretty small portion since they said the sides are for sharing. Couple pieces of thin pineapple and nectarines. It was tasty, but overpriced. 

I knew I wanted to get one of their Bowls (parsnip-celeriac mash, duck confit, brussels sprout chips) $14~ 
You pick a veggie, a protein, and another veggie. It's definitely the best deal since 2 sides is already $12. And I wanted to try everything on the list!! It was a good sized dish and looked yummy. The duck was by far the best part. The skin was slightly crispy and the meat was tender. It also had good flavor. The rest of the dish, however, was disappointing. Especially since I was more excited to try the veggies than the meat! First, the parsnip mash came out orange. I asked the waitress and she said there's probably some sweet potato in there. I'm not one to complain since I love sweet potato... But I don't think it should've been there otherwise they need to call it Parsnip-Celeriac-Sweet Potato Mash. Right?!? haha. It was very light and could've used more seasoning. The brussels sprouts were the main thing I wanted. It was dry and hard. You would think being "chips" it would be crispy. Nope. My friend said it tastes like they just stuck the leaves under the broiler and let it dry out. The char on it was nice but it needed some oil and again... seasoning. Seems to be a trend here, eh? 

My other friend also got a Bowl (curried cauliflower, tuna, brussels sprout chips) $14~ 
The curried cauliflower was one of my top choices too so I'm glad I got to try that. It was interesting since they chopped it in tiny pieces almost like cous cous size. Super mild flavors for being "curried". Needed more curry and seasoning!!! The tuna was cooked ok, seared on the outside and raw on the inside which is fine. But kinda bland. 

Sigh~ They need to stock up on their spices! Good looking food but lacking in flavor. I get the whole theme of getting back to natural healthy foods and I'm not one to eat super salty or greasy, but bland is no bueno. The prices are a bit steep for the entrees too (other than the bowls). We opted for dessert elsewhere since we were pretty disappointed. Probably not going to return in the future. At least I got to try it out. 

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