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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Japan 2013: Tokyo - Tea & Desserts

We went to a few sit down places for desserts while in Tokyo. There are so many! All of them are fantastic... 

First couple of days in Tokyo, we came across this pancake place. Initially we were just expecting to get some sweet pancakes as dessert, but while waiting for a table, I noticed that they have make-your-own pancake tables. So I told the hostess that's what we wanted to do. So cool and so much fun!! 

Slappy Cakes in Shinjuku

We got the Buttermilk Batter 700Yen~. 
For the sides, we had Housemade "Nutella" +200Yen~, Hazelnuts +150Yen~, and Butterscotch Chips +150Yen~. 
One little bottle of batter didn't seem much to me at first but it made plenty of pancakes! I was so full after! Such a cool idea and great thing to do with friends or on a date! :) 

I wanted to do at least 1 afternoon tea while in Japan. I had a great recommendation from a friend and went to go check out Blue Brick Lounge in Aoyama (by Otomesando Street). They feature Yoku Moku desserts which is a pretty popular name in Japan. The decor is bright and modern. I really liked the feel of the cafe. It was such a nice and relaxing afternoon, which a vacation SHOULD be!
We both got the Cake Set which includes a cake and a beverage for 1,155Yen~ 
He got the Blueberry Cake with milk tea. 

I got the Chocolate Cake with plain black tea. 
The cakes were soooooo goood!!! The ganache on mine was rich and dark and luxurious. NOM!!!! :D We also got some Yoku Moku Biscuit Rolls. Buttery and flaky. YUM!!!! I wish we had time to do more afternoon tea... Sigh~~ 

The same place that had the best soft serve in Asakusa had these amazing looking breads. (We went there 3 times during our trip. haha) It always smelled spectacular! On our last day we went by again and it was pretty hot, so we went and sat inside to have dessert. 

Check out the MASSIVE Matcha Shaved Ice with Milk 450Yen~! 
It was like green tea flavored snow flurries. So fine and fluffy. And turned into matcha milk at the bottom of the bowl. Awwwwesome! :D 
And of course we got some bread to go. So soft and pillowy. Man, I miss Asian bread. :(