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Friday, December 17, 2010

Buttons - Southern Comfort Food

15207 Addison Road
Addison, TX 75001

(972) 503-2888

Price: $$ (for brunch)

I was pretty excited when my friend told me about Button's opening in Addison. I LOVE southern/comfort food and seems like they're popping up all over the place in DFW! And the reviews I read about the location in Fort Worth seemed pretty great.

We decided to go there with a couple friends for Sunday Brunch. I called to make a reservation and was told they don't take reservations for brunch. They also warned me that their busy time is from noon to 2pm so we should get there earlier to be safe. We still planned on going around 12:30PM though. When I got there the place was pretty dead... wth... and they wouldn't let me make a reservation?!?! Oh well watever.

For Sunday Brunch you get the option of Buttons Signature Brunch Buffet $19~ a person, or you can order off the menu. One of my friends went for the buffet, which didn't look like anything special. Pretty good selection with a roast but everything was more like generic breakfast items.

The rest of us ordered from the menu cuz it sounded more interesting.

We HAD to try Buttons Famous Chicken & Waffles (Special seasoned fried chicken and homemade Belgium waffle with cinnamon infused butter & fresh berry compote. Served with sweet potato pomme frites & signature collard greens) $15~
I really like the whole chicken and waffles combo...the sweet with the salty and crispy. Add some hot sauce and you are good to go! The chicken was really good, super crispy skin, juicy and tender meat. You can request dark or white meat. I picked dark of course.. wayyy juicier. The waffles were fairly thick, which I like, with berries on top. There was an interesting spice in the berries or waffle, I couldn't pinpoint it but it was pretty good. The crispy sweet potato on top was a nice touch. The only complaint is the berry compote was on top of the waffles and made it a little soggy. I like more crispy waffles... The collard greens were the bomb! It wasn't too overcooked like some collards I've had before. The texture and flavor were great! I've Overall I enjoyed the dish a lot, but I don't know about paying so much for fried chicken and waffles. haha. The lunch/brunch price is decent, but for dinner I think its more expensive.

Salmon Florentine (Fresh grilled salmon over fried potatoes & onions, creamed spinach and lemon butter drizzle) $13~ This was good as well. The salmon was cooked nicely and the creamed spinach paired really well with it. I liked the flavors of the fried potatoes with the rest of the dish, but was kinda disappointed that it got all soggy under the fish and the sauce. Don't think because its salmon and so it must be 'healthier'... The cream sauce was pretty heavy along with the fried potatoes. haha. It's 'comfort' food...nothing light about that! :P For the price, I think this was worth it since salmon is usually more expensive.

Oxtails (Tender stewed oxtails with tomatoes, yellow squash & onions served on a bed of rice) $19~ I love oxtails...if cooked properly, they are sooo tender. My mom makes oxtail soup a lot at home and its great! This was a pretty huge plate for lunch. The oxtails could've been a little more tender but I loved the flavors. Along with the rice on the bottom, it was a perfect pairing. If you like braised/tender meat, you should give oxtails a try. It's just like super juicy beef. :)

All 3 dishes were good, but I think the flavors of the oxtails might just barely have the win for me. And our waiter was really nice, but the service was fairly slow. After we got there the restaurant slowly filled up so I don't know if they were short staffed or something.

Overall it was a good meal. A little too heavy for lunch, but it was tasty. Although I'm not sure how often I'd be going back since it's still quite pricey for dinner and there're so many other southern cuisine places around town.

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