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Monday, December 27, 2010

Cafe Elite - Vegan fare :)

Cafe Elite
1501 Preston Rd
Plano, TX 75093
(469) 828-0607
Price: $

I recently found out about Cafe Elite and have been wanting to check it out. It's totally vegan, meaning no meat or dairy. They also serve some raw and/or organic options.

I'm always looking out for healthier eating places so this was pretty cool. The reviews I read online were also very positive.

Decided to go there for lunch today. The place is small but bright and pretty spacious. It's a pretty casual place. There were only a few tables taken when we got there...and service was fine for this kind of restaurant.

It took me a while to look over the menu and decide what I want. There were quite a bit of selection. Now, I do not like vegan meats...I think they have a weird texture and flavor, so I usually order dishes with only vegetables.

I decided on the Combination CE Rice with Spring Roll (2 spring rolls served with CE rice and salad) $6.95~ I substituted the spring rolls, which were fried, with the summer roll which was a healthier option.
Summer Roll (carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, rice noodles and avocado in rice paper served with an almond hoisin dipping sauce) (if ordered separately $1.50~) The CE rice is basically fried rice with tofu, corn and peas. It was good!! I love vegetarian fried rice and they had Sriracha! Goes great with any kind of fried rice. The rice was cooked well, not mushy. The side salad was really fresh and the dressing was light. And the portion was huge! I couldn't eat it all. The summer roll was also really fresh. The avocado inside added a little bit of fat and creaminess which was nice. The almond hoisin sauce was similar to the normal peanut sauce. A big squirt of Sriracha and super yummy! Under $7 for all of this!?! Niceee!! :)
My friend ordered the Chik'n Wrap (Vegan chik'n strips, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green and red bell peppers and veganaise. Served with soup and corn chips) $8.95~ to share with her little sister. This dish comes with either chips or side salad, and they opted for the chips. I tried a piece of the vegan chicken...hmm...still not a fan. The texture is just not like meat. However, they thought it was good and finished it all. The soup of the day was a Russian cabbage soup. There was lots of cabbage in it and was kind of sweet.
They also got a bowl of the Vegan Chili (beans, vegan ground beef, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, served with corn chips) $5~ The bowl was pretty big and came with some corn chips. The chili was pretty good! Nice and chunky with lots of beans and veggies inside. I didn't get the weirdness of vegan meat in this one. I wish it had more of a spice to it though. I did not taste any of the chili peppers in this. Maybe a little bit of tabasco could've made it better...

We also tried their Vegan Pumpkin Pie $2.95~ They sold their last piece of vegan cheesecake before we could get it...I guess I'll try it next time. The pumpkin pie was really good...better than some of the regular pumpkin pies I've had in the past!

Overall this was a great lunch. It was light and healthy but also filling! I will definitely be going back in the future to try other stuff.

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  1. Try the pho next time, it's pretty good as well! I still haven't had a dessert, I've heard their cake was really good. Maybe next time...

  2. Yes I'll definitely go back and try more things. I really wanted to try the cheesecake. :)