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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheap Japanese @ Abe!

Abe Japanese Restaurant
2625 Old Denton Rd. Ste 550
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 820-7909

There's been quite a bit of new restaurants opening in the H-Mart shopping center in Carrollton. One of the great additions to the center is Abe Japanese Restaurant. I've been there twice so far so that's a good sign cuz I'm going back!

The service is a little slow, but they are fairly new so I would give them some time to get adjusted. The 2nd time was definitely less wait than the first.

This is one of the least expensive Japanese restaurants I've seen in Dallas. They have rice bowls, udon, soba, sushi, and other options. The cool thing about this place is that with every bowl or sushi order, you can make it a combo for an additional $2.50. The combo includes a side salad and your choice of udon (in soup) or cold soba with dipping sauce. And you get Miso Soup with every entree order.

So far I've tried:
Rainbow Roll $8.50~ + Combo (Cold soba with dipping sauce and house salad) $2.50~ The sushi was pretty fresh, not the best Rainbow Roll I've had, but for the price it was pretty awesome. The salad was fresh and the dressing was great. The best thing about the meal was definitely the cold soba. The soba was cooked nicely with great texture and the dipping sauce was light but flavorful. (Sure beats the HECK out of Tei An if you ask me...and at a fraction of the cost!!) The portions with the combo is very filling!

Gyu Don (Beef, egg and onions over rice) $7.50~ + Combo (Cold soba with dipping sauce and house salad) $2.50~ The beef rice bowl was huge! Lots of meat, good flavor. With the combo, 2 can probably share...

Una Don (Eel, egg and onions over rice) $7.50~ + Combo (Cold soba with dipping sauce and house salad) $2.50~ I've never seen Una Don for less than $10...this is awesome! Big portions and the unagi was cooked nicely, very tender!

Chirashi (assorted sashimi over rice) $8.50? For the price this is a damn good deal! You can't even get sashimi for this price at other Japanese restaurants!

Don Katsu Entree (fried pork cutlet with rice and salad, freshly ground sesame seeds with don katsu sauce) $8.50~ This was amazing! One of the best Donkatsu's I've had in Dallas. It's even comparable to the ones I've had in Taiwan! We also got the combo with this and it was soo much food. The pork was tender with just the right amount of fat and the outside was nice and crisp. They also grate fresh sesame seeds for the dipping sauce for you! YUMMY!
The service speed needs improvement, but as far as the food goes, I'm impressed. Plus the price is just amazing. OH, and you also get a small cup of frozen yogurt at the end to round out your meal. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for good Japanese food at an affordable price. :)

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