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Sunday, June 6, 2010

H/G Weekend: Day 2: Lunch 2

We had to go to Galveston for a wedding. A friend of mine HIGHLY recommended we hit up Mosquito Cafe when we were down there. She said she HAS to go there whenever she goes to Galveston. So we went after lunch in Houston, for a second lunch. haha.

Mosquito Cafe
628 14th Street
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 763-1010
Price: $-$$ (for lunch)

The cafe was quite interesting, the exterior was not what we were expecting. Inside, you order at the counter and they call you to pick up your order.

We weren't too hungry so we shared the Salmon Club Sandwich (Grilled fresh filet on toasted honey wheat bread with Hickory smoked peppered bacon, balsamic onions, Chipotle Mayonnaise and House Greens with choice of side: Potato Salad) $10.55~
We thought the price was kinda high for a sandwich, but after seeing it I understood why. It was a very impressive sandwich. I would say the salmon was at least 7-8 ounces, which most other restaurants don't even give you that much fish when you order salmon. The salmon was an inch thick, covered with multiple slices of thick cut bacon. It looked SOOO good. The taste matched the exceeded my expectations. Great flavor, lots of different textures, the fish was cooked nicely, and all the flavors worked perfectly together. I would have this all the time if I could.... And the potato salad was a great choice. It was pretty awesome. One of the best potato salads I've had. It also worked deliciously with the sandwich. Now I know why it came sooo highly recommended!! :)

I read reviews raving about their Zucchini Spice Cake (3 layered spice cake with cream cheese frosting) $4.50~ So of course I had to get it.
The portion was HUGE! Just like the sandwich. Triple layer cake with cream cheese icing. Super moist, you can see the zucchini, and awesome icing. Really great cake! :)
I will completely agree with all the reviews I read. I would totally go back if I went back to Galveston and I highly recommend everyone to check it out!

Quality of Food:
Overall Experience:


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