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Sunday, June 6, 2010

H/G Weekend: Day 2: Lunch 1

Day 2 in Houston...

Field of Greens
2320 West Alabama Street
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 533-0029

Price: $

I found Field of Greens on Yelp.
It got pretty good reviews and they offered a wide selection of healthy dishes. I'm always interested in trying new "healthier" options. Plus I already knew this was going to be a weekend of EATING, so I wanted to be healthier wherever I could.

The place didn't look that great walking in...I think it made us have second thoughts. But still decided to give it a shot. You order at the counter, and pick up later at the counter...pretty much nonexistent service.

This was lunch #1. haha... So my bf and I decided to share an order. We got the Falafel Burger (Crispy falafel patty topped with miso dressing on lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo and sprouts) (low fat) $8.50~ It normally comes with fries and I asked if we could substitute sweet potato fries... She charged us an additional $1.50~ GEEZUS! That made it pretty overpriced for a vegetarian burger with side...but oh well, I really wanted sweet potato fries.

The burger was a pretty good size, nice and thick. I liked it but have to agree with my bf that it was a little bland and a little dry. I think if they had put more seasoning on the patty and added more dressing or mayo then it would've been a really good burger. I added some ketchup and sriracha on it and made it better! :P Not really worth the price I say... However, I did not regret paying the additional money for the fries...they were pretty awesome! My favorite sweet potato fries are from Village Burger Bar and I think this gives it a run for its money!

Overall, I liked the concept and selections on their menu, just needed a few tweaks here and there. I wish we had something like this in Dallas that offered healthy food options. If you are a health nut in Houston, I'd give this place a shot!

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