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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream - Opening Night

This past Friday was the grand opening of Sprinkles Ice Cream shop. A few weeks ago we also got the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM! They are both located next to the original Sprinkles Cupcakes shop on Northwest Hwy and Preston.

Sprinkles Ice Cream
8413 Preston Center Plaza Drive
Dallas, Texas 75225
(214) 363-4050
Price: $

Now... I've never been a fan of Sprinkles cupcakes. And I don't understand the hype. AT ALL. I've had way better cupcakes in multiple shops and cities and states and at a cheaper price too. All I can say is that they have a killer marketing team and that impresses me. How else have they built such a successful empire on cupcakes that are just ok?

Anyways, ever since I saw a video of the ATM in action, I've always wanted to check it out for myself. However, after seeing the lines plus the frequent shortages, I've lost my interest there. I'll get it at some point. No biggie..

But I was super excited about the ice cream shop opening. I love ice cream and from the pictures and videos I've seen of the ice cream shop in Cali, I couldn't wait to try it. It's hard to disappoint me with ice cream. haha. PLUS... they have a red velvet waffle cone! Yes, you heard me right! I love me some waffle cone and add in red velvet?? NOM!

I went with a group of friends after we had RW at Nonna. It was about 10:45pm at that point and I knew Sprinkles was open til midnight. I also knew there was going to be a line. There's ALWAYS a line at anything Sprinkles, and this is opening night... Sure enough, as I drove into the parking lot I saw a ton of people. There was a line for the ATM AND ice cream shop! haha. Sigh.. I almost stayed in my car and drove away. But since I'm with some friends we decided to get in line. Luckily it was a very pleasant night, weather wise.

The line moved fairly fast. They had people handing out menu and flavor cards to people in line so we can make our decisions earlier. I think we waited about half an hour or so before we made it to the counter. The shop was nice and bright, consistent with their overall theme. I loved the display of cones and cupcakes at the counter. Looked delicious! They definitely overstaffed the place to prep for the rush. I'd say they were very efficient (for the most part). And all the staff were extremely energetic and friendly.

I wanted to try so many things but it was pretty late so I just got a Single Scoop Ice Cream (Vanilla Bean - sweet cream infused with pure nielsen-massey madagascar bourbon vanilla and sprinkled with flecks) $3.75~ Of course I had to get the Waffle Cone (red velvet or vanilla) $1~ RED VELVET! 
The cone was very thin and crispy, different than regular waffle cones I'm used to. It's slightly sweeter too since it's red velvet. I thought it was pretty good. The vanilla bean ice cream was rich and creamy. Nothing overly special about it but it was good. A little pricey for a single scoop, but at least the size was decent. A couple other friends also got red velvet waffle cones with single scoop. I got to try the Dark Chocolate ice cream and Mint Chocolate Chip as well. Both were good but very rich.

One friend got a Kid's Scoop (cup or mini cone) $2~ Blood Orange Sherbert (dairy-free citrus sorbet flavored by intense and zesty blood oranges). 
This was just sad.. how small it is. I guess in kids' hands it looks normal. haha. But the scoop of ice cream looked like it was made with a melon baller. XP However, the blood orange sorbet was killer. Really bold flavor and refreshing. I'd recommend that.

One friend loves ice cream probably even more than me! He got 4 Scoops of Ice cream $3.75~ Each additional scoop +$2.50~ 
The flavor on top was Rocky Road (dense dark chocolate ice cream loaded with crunchy toasted almonds, homemade marshmallow cream and housemade chips made from bittersweet tcho chocolate). So it was the only flavor I really tried. Really good Rocky Road! But this was an $11.25 ice cream cup!! OMG!! I don't think I'd ever pay this price just for a few scoops of ice cream. I can buy 2-3 cartons at the supermarket with this money!

Since we waited in line and all I decided to get some Cookies $3~ each. Peanut Butter Pretzel Chip.
Pretty hefty cookie. I loved the sweet and savory blend and the extra crunch from the pretzel pieces in the cookie. I also wanted the Oatmeal Cornflake cookie but they were kind of overwhelmed and gave me Chocolate Chip instead. Boooo... I waited over 10 minutes to get these cookies too. Cuz they had forgotten about me after I paid. But the chocolate chip was good. Although having either cookie again after 24 hours wasn't as good. I guess they don't last... just need to eat them when you get them.

My bf asked me later if it was worth it. I said yes and no. haha. Yes, because there's always going to be a line so at least I moved through it pretty quickly and got to try the things I wanted. No, because the sweets weren't spectacular. I'd pick the ice cream shop over the cupcakes any day. But I can also go elsewhere with cheaper and better stuff too. The prices were just ridiculous. For example, their milkshakes and cookie sandwiches are almost $9!!! OMG. Until the line disappears I doubt I'd be back any time soon. But seeing how the original cupcake store still always has a line.. that's probably not going to happen ever. haha.

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