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Friday, August 16, 2013

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion

It was our 6 months anniversary 2 weeks ago. :) We went back to Roy's where we had our first "dressed up" date. hehe. I can always use some butterfish and chocolate souffle cake! :P

2840 Dallas Pkwy
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 473-6263
Price: $$$$

In our reservation I had told the restaurant that we were celebrating an anniversary so they decorated the table with confetti and printed out a personalized message for us. I always like doing special occasions here, they make it personal for you. Our waitress was great too. Super friendly and immediately congratulated us on the occasion. And then took our drink orders.

We got some of their spiced edamame while we waited for drinks. 

The bf got the Mango Mojito (Bacardi Limon, mango puree, mint, lime) $10.95~ It looked pretty tasty but I cannot try. :( Mango allergy! He said it was good but super strong! 
I got a glass of Moscato since it's the only kind of wine I like. Yum!

We started off with Beef Short Rib Bi Bim Bap (go chu jang sauce, carrot, scallion, fried egg) $8.95~ 

Never had it here before. But bibimbap is basically Korean mixed rice and I've had it plenty of times in Korean restaurants. The best is when they put it in a stone pot and the rice gets all crispy. Didn't really know what to expect here since I've never had an "upscale" rendition of this dish. It was pretty good. I think I still prefer the traditional prep but the flavors were still good and everything was cooked well.

Misoyaki "Butterfish" (Alaskan black cod, sizzling lemon shoyu vinaigrette) $33.95~ 
I've been dreaming about this dish ever since I made the reservation 2 weeks prior! haha. But I was so excited that I didn't realize they had changed the description. So I was totally surprised when they served the dish that it looked completely different... No wasabi cream sauce??? Whatt? What's going on? I asked our waitress and she explained that a while back, corporate came in and changed up the menu. Took off some stuff, add a few, and decided to change the butterfish back to its original preparation. I didn't even know there was an original preparation! I've had the butterfish with the wasabi cream sauce since I first went to Roy's 10 years ago! And this is by far one of their most popular dishes. Why the decision to change?!? Needless to say, I was disappointed. It did not satisfy at all. I mean, the fish on it's own was still amazingly tender and yummy but I did not care for the shoyu vinaigrette AT ALL. There was too much of it and made everything too salty. And it was drenching all the rice! I ended up putting a small plate underneath one side of the plate so the sauce would flow to one side of the dish and I scooted the food to the higher side. hahaha. Super ghetto. But it made it better. :/ Now, most of you are probably pretty disappointed to hear this news. But the waitress informed me that they can still make the preparation with the wasabi cream sauce but you have to call them a few days in advance to request it. Trust me, I WILL be doing that next time I go!!

The bf got the Blackened Island Ahi (spicy soy mustard butter sauce) $31.95~ 
Good thing we didn't BOTH get the butterfish like we initially talked about! haha. The tuna was fresh, had a nice thin sear on top and good flavor from being blackened. I liked the spicy mustard sauce on this one sooo much better than the butterfish shoyu. The spicy mustard almost reminded me of the wasabi cream. It was a little too much bite (spicy) for my bf though. He didn't want that much sauce either.

So it wasn't as spectacular as we hoped it would be but then it's dessert time! haha

Pineapple Upside Down Cake (with mango sauce and coconut ice cream). 
The bf got this. This also has to be ordered ahead of time like the chocolate souffle cake since it takes about 20-25 min prep. The waitress was very thoughtful since she knew of my mango allergy and brought the sauce on the side so I could try it. :) We didn't realize there was mango sauce on it when we ordered it. The cake was warm and fluffy. I liked the flavor of the coconut ice cream and it paired well with the pineapple, but not a fan of the shredded coconut inside the ice cream. The presentation is very nice and playful, and they even wrote "happy anniversary" on our plates in Hawaiian! :)

Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle (raspberry coulis, vanilla bean ice cream). 
Of course. Can't go to Roy's without getting this. They also wrote on the plate on my dessert. hehe. I was excited! But when I cut into it, nothing came out. It wasn't molten... meaning it was overbaked or it sat too long. :( I debated saying something since I rarely ever send things back. But given that I was already disappointed from my entree. I wanted a great dessert! haha. I think one of the managers walked by and I mentioned it to her. She was super nice and said they would make me another one if I'm willing to wait. And of course they would take it off our check. I said I definitely will wait for another! While waiting, she brought over 2 glasses of champagne on the house and apologized again for the cake. I didn't expect them to do this. It was very nice of them. Our waitress came by too to apologize and assure us that my cake is coming soon. When it finally came, they wrote "Sorry" on the plate! hahaha. How funny! I liked that. This time it was perfect. Gooey and melty on the inside. Slightly crispy on the outside. It was a great ending to a still wonderful night!

Despite the surprises and changes in the food, we had a great time. I'd say this was one of the best service I've gotten at Roy's in all my years being there! Our waitress and everyone else really made the night more special. :D And I'll be back for sure. And I won't forget to call ahead and request the better preparation for the butterfish! haha. Which still baffles me btw... that dish has been super popular. Why change it?? Please tell corporate to bring it back!!!!!

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