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Friday, August 9, 2013

Japan 2013: Kobe Foods & Desserts

This is the post before my 400th post!!!! :D Exciting! hehe.

We spent a day in Kobe during our trip. It's only like a 30 minute ride on the train from Osaka. And despite the pouring rain, we had lots of fun and, of course, yummy fooooood! :)

Just wanted to get a light lunch since we had a big and special dinner at a Kobe steak restaurant. (Stay tuned for that, btw... it's awesome!)

Kobe Coffee
Egg Sandwich (with fries) 700Yen~ Light but tasty. It was a good lunch!
Waffles 450Yen~

Kobe Harborland is a cute area by the water with a mall, lots of shops and restaurants, a ferris wheel and the Anpanman Museum!

Wouldn't be a day in Japan without soft serve! hahaha. I literally had at least 1 a day! :P
After dinner we went to the harbor and enjoyed the night lights and view at one of the little cafes.
Honey Butter Bread (plus drink) 800Yen~ This was massive!!! We should've have gotten 2 desserts. hahaha. Sweet and fluffy. YUM!

Caffe Latte. The foam art is SUPER cute!!!
Brownie (plus drink) 800Yen~ Really rich brownie... almost like fudge! Definitely needed the ice cream accompaniment. haha

I don't even know how we managed to eat these desserts after the dinner we had btw... :P


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