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Monday, August 20, 2012

PARIS 2012: Snacking and Street Food

I finally went to Europe for the first time this year. Paris then London for the Olympics! Hellz yea!!

Paris was beautiful... all the amazing architecture was breathtaking. I would definitely go back. However, the service there... (what people say is true)... they are just not very nice. Doesn't help that we don't speak any French at all. :( But at least we didn't act like ignorant tourists either. I think that helped...

Anyhoo... had some great food there. Check out the next few posts for some yummy pictures! :D

Eiffel Tower (right below it)
- Barquette de Frites (French fries) 3,75€
My co-worker told me I had to go get fries at the Eiffel tower because they are the best. So we did... My first reaction was "these taste just like McDonald's fries!" hahaha. And they were...BUT.. minus all the grease! Plus I love Micky D fries. I guess this just proves that McDonald's DO make the best fries. haha. I was very impressed that after we ate the fries, there was not a single grease stain in the paper container. For that reason alone, I'd say go get some fries at the bottom of Eiffel Tower. haha.

Le Cafe du Parvis (outside Musee d'Orsay)
- Crepe Banane + Nutella (banana and nutella crepe) 2,70€
This was a great find. Everyone told us to stay away from stands close to big tourist spots. But this was the cheapest crepe we saw BY FAR! Cheaper by at least 40%! And it was delicious. Paris definite is not short of nutella. They are everywhere... in jars bigger than my head! YUMS!

Le Louis IX Cafe Brasserie (by Notre Dame)
25, Rue Des Deux-Ponts
75004 Paris, France
09 61 07 27 00
Glaces & Sorbets de la Maison Berthillon
Chocolate Noir and Caramel Beurre Sale - 2 boules ("balls") 6,60€

Berthillon is a huge chain for ice cream in Paris. We saw about 6-7 stores in one street that all carried it. And there were lines at every single place! Wow. The scoops were small and expensive. But texture was super rich. However, I'm happy with Paciugo here at home. hehe.

Glaces Antolin (across from Notre Dame)
- Pistachio
- Mint Chocolate Chip
Again, small scoops. But pistachio was nice and nutty. The mint was quite strong and refreshing.

Amorino - Gelato di Qualita e Tradizione (along Rue de Tournon; close to Jardins du Luxembourg)
- Focaccina (gelato in tender Brioche) 4,80€

We filled it with Tiramisu and L'Inimitabile (chocolate & hazelnuts) gelato. It was pretty cool. They seal the edges of the brioche after filling it with the gelato. So it's like a giant cream puff. Very fun!

Gelati d'Alberto (Latin Quarter)
- Cherry and Panna Cotta gelato
Saw the flower design and HAD to get it. The portion is pretty small but something different. :)

Random bakery (close to Moulin Rouge)

- Mini Macaron (pistachio, coffee, chocolate) 0,90€ each.

Cheapest macarons we saw... The next cheapest was around 1,80€ a piece. Got a few to try. Not bad. But I don't get the craze over these things...

- Flan

I like how they make flan in a tart/pie form. And they are in such huge wedges!! Niiice.

Random bakery (in Versailles)
- Eclair Chocolat 2,20€
- Nougate & Fraise (Nougat and strawberry cake) 3,90€

So you can see all the snacking in Paris are sweets. haha. But the bakeries just look so amazing. And of course we had to have eclairs at least once during our trip!


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