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Monday, August 20, 2012

PARIS 2012: General Dining

These are some sit down restaurants we went to in Paris.

Del Papa
135 Avenue Malakoff
75016 Paris, France
01 45 00 36 73
- Pizza Caruso (tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, chorizo, egg) 12€

- Vittel (still water) 3€
First night dinner by the hotel. We got bullied into paying for still water. They refused to give us tap... which you should ask for and it's free btw. :( Got the pizza to share. It was yummy. What's not good about an egg on anything?? haha.

le Comptoir (Relais Saint-Germain)
9 Carrefour de l'Odéon
75006 Paris, France
01 44 27 07 97 
We found this place on a blog about "cheap" eating in Paris. Paris is not cheap at all...but I guess for what we got it was pretty decent.
- Croque-Monsieur Saumon Fume (smoked salmon croque monsieur with caviar; side of baby romaine salad) 10€
The blog featured the Salmon Croque Monsieur. For the price, it had smoked salmon and caviar so I guess that deserves its spot on the list. The bread was crisped to perfection. I'm not a smoked salmon fan, but it was pretty good.
- Salade de Haricots mais Bearnais Acidules, Jambon Blanc, Roquette 9€

Some sort of bean with onions and bell peppers topped with thinly sliced ham and arugula. I randomly picked this from the menu. Everything was in French and I had to make guesses. I thought it was going to have green beans cuz I saw "haricot". But green beans are "haricot vert" I assume haricot just means "bean". But surprisingly good! It was a cold dish. It was good on bread and the sliced ham was so tender! I lucked out! :)

Leon de Bruxelles
95 Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr
75017 Paris, France
01 55 37 95 30
This was our last night dinner. Literally 10 yards from our hotel. The pictures of the mussels looked delicious.
Leon's Menu Tradition: Starter + Dish 17,40€
- Duo of Wrapped Prawns with Salad
- Mussels "Au Gratin" (Riviera Styled - butter, garlic, parsley, tomato sauce and cheese; served with side of unlimited fries)
Baked mussels with cheese. Yum! Very flavorful with the cheese. The fries weren't as good as the fries from the Eiffel Tower!! hehe.

Leon's Menu Original: Starter + Dish + Dessert 22,50€
- Cheese Croquette with Salad
- Cocotte of Mussels (with Madras Curry; served with side of unlimited fries)

- Creme Brulee (with brown sugar)
HUGE pot of mussels. This is definitely a better deal than the baked one. I can't believe I finished it all! And definitely use the bread to sop up all that curry broth. And can't go to France without getting creme brulee. So even though I was stuffed, I made a point of ordering it. The creme brulees in Paris are so much bigger than the ones we get in the states. Very weird...since all the ice creams are so much smaller...


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