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Monday, August 20, 2012

PARIS 2012: Aux Anysetters du Roy

This restaurant was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine. She says it's definitely one of her favorite places in Paris.

Aux Anysetters du Roy (by Notre Dame)
61 Rue St Louis en l'ile
75004 Paris, France
01 56 24 84 58

It's located in the little island by Notre Dame. It's a tiny little shop, very quaint. Reminded me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears' cottage. hehe.

It's true that people in Paris all eat dinner late. We arrived before 7PM and they weren't even open yet. So we walked around a little bit but it started raining... We were the first guests obviously.

It's owned by a mother/son team. The mom works in the front of house as well as the kitchen and the son is also in the kitchen. I think our lack of French skills annoyed the mom a bit. She was much more chummy with other French speaking guests than us. Although I can't say the service was super bad compared to some other places we went. Over the course of the meal, she kind of warmed up to us and came to make sure we were enjoying our food.

It was a cool environment and experience. Everything is obviously homecooked and comforting.

Marinade de Saumon Frais a l'aneth (fresh salmon marinated in dill, lemon, and olive oil) 11,50€
The marinade on the salmon was light and refreshing. The salmon was fresh, but for some reason the salmon in Europe is different compared to the states or Asia. We didn't like the texture as much.

Confit de Canard (Duck confit) 17€
I love Duck Confit. It was one of their off menu specials. I had to get it. The duck was off the bone tender and the skin was like butter. Pretty spectacular. The entree was quite filling too.

Boeuf Bourguignon 17€
Beef Bourguignon is classic French. And I've always wanted to try it since watching Julie and Julia. hehe. What better place to try it than a Mother's kitchen? I've never really had it before. It was different than what I expected but it was tasty. The beef was tender and had lots of flavor. The sauce was a little salty and I wish there were some fresh green veggies with it. But definitely good sauce to sop up with bread.

Overall it was a nice experience. Very homey, traditional French meal. I would recommend it. :)

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