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Sunday, August 26, 2012

RW 2012: III Forks 2.0

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to III Forks for Restaurant Week. It's my second time for RW this year. haha. I had such a great experience the first time so I told them I'd tag along. Especially since my friend called and requested Pete as our waiter. :)

It was super packed on a Saturday night. Every room in the restaurant was full. And they have MANY rooms...never ending it seems. When our entire party of 11 arrived, they took us upstairs to our table. I got a little worried since the first time Pete's section was downstairs. Sure enough, he was nowhere to be seen and we were greeted by another waiter. Booo....we were all disappointed since I told them what great service I had the first time. Although one good thing about sitting upstairs was that it was much quieter than downstairs. With a huge group, we can still hear each other across the large table.

Our waiter was nice but not at all comparable to Pete. He didn't interact with us at all and wasn't super attentive. A lot of water glasses were left empty during parts of the night and things we asked for were brought slowly. Given the mass amount of traffic for the restaurant, I can cut them some slack. But still... we were disappointed.

During the dinner, I went and found Pete, just to say hi. I found out that we weren't seated in his section because his section didn't have tables big enough for our group. Sigh~ I chatted with him and bit and he's such a great guy. It's really a bummer that my friends were not able to get him as a waiter.

I didn't order from the RW menu since I've tried everything already and wasn't really hungry. Plus I wanted to get a dessert from the regular menu. hehe.

You can check out my first review on their RW here. They do change their dessert options daily. This time my friends were offered something totally different than what I had.

Peach Melba (topped with peach ice cream).
It is stewed peaches topped with ice cream. This sounded really good. The peaches with the ice cream was tasty, but the syrup in the glass was SOOOO sweet. Even my friend who loves sugar said it was too sweet. So we mostly just ate the ice cream.

Classic Cheesecake (with raspberry sauce). The cheesecake was good. It's the denser kind which I like. But pretty generic.

6 Layer Mandarin Orange Cake (with orange zest and pineapple; with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) $8.95~
I'm so glad I got one of their regular desserts. This thing was very impressive. Absolutely massive and delicious. It reminded me of Asian cakes because it was super light and not too sweet. However, it was still too big for us to finish. Had to box some up to go. I'd totally recommend this. And get it to share between at least 3-4 people. haha.

It was interesting to get such a different experience at the same place just because of the service. It can most definitely make or break a meal. I was bummed. But the food was still good and I loved my dessert. I will still go back in the future (with a smaller group) and request Pete as my waiter. :P

(My ratings for the food part will just be on desserts since I've already reviewed the other items.)

Quality of Food:



Value (for RW):

Overall Experience:


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