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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taiwan Part II: Taipei "Fast" Food

These are some places (either sit-down, or to go) where the food comes out pretty quickly. Most places you order at the counter and then find your own seats.

Breakfast Rice Roll (Fan Tuan) & Cold Soy Milk. Yum! I love Taiwanese breakfasts!

Breakfast Hamburger (with a fried egg). It might seem weird to have hamburger for breakfast but this is pretty common in Taiwan. And it's delicious!

Breakfast Sandwich (with hamburger meat) NT45~ This place is around the corner from my grandma's place. Cheap, friendly and they make the food when you order it. Or you can buy their pre-packed sandwiches made earlier in the day. YUMMY!!

Da Chang Mi Fun (Pork Intestine Rice Noodles) 11+ dishes plus 3 soup noodles and 1 stir-fried vermicelli ~US$25 for 4 people. This is another place we MUST visit whenever we go back. It's the best in town according to my uncle and it's the only one we go to. Good quality and cheap and totally fills you up!! We went twice on this trip! hehe.

Taipei 101 Food Court:
Hibachi - Includes Vegetables, Bean Sprouts, Rice and Soup
- Chicken NT260~ Get the chicken. It's always the best. hehe.
- Cod Fish NT270~
- Garlic Beef NT210~
Hibachi in the food courts are the best! Affordable and yummy. It's not like Benihana's here where it's a big hoopla or anything and it's about half to a third of the price!

Dark Palace Taiwanese Gourmet. This place is pretty famous in Danshui according to my uncle. Pork Chop rice is very Taiwanese and it's one of my all time favorite dishes.
- Pork Chop Rice (small) NT90~ A giant bowl for US$3?!? Can't beat that. It was good but not what I expected. I like the fried pork chops that most other places do so was a little disappointed. But this was still very tasty.
- Chicken Chop Rice (small) NT100~
- Chicken Chop Noodle (small) NT100~
- Ultimate Seafood Ball Soup (large) NT70~
- Pork Ear NT40~
- Special Tofu Skin NT15~
Killer prices for pretty big portions. That's a good deal!

Fool's Noodles
- Giant Pork Chop Rice NT70~
I told my mom I really wanted some Taiwanese fried pork chop rice so we found this place across from my grandma's hospital. The pork chops were still not as crispy as I would've liked but the flavor is exactly what I wanted. For less than US$3, it was a massive bowl and also came with soup!

Potstickers. This place is known for their dumplings and potstickers. Great for a quick lunch. Each piece is NT5~ (so like US$0.17 a piece?!?) Niiiice!


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