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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taiwan Part I: Taipei Snacks

I recently went to Taipei for a family emergency. Not the best reason for a visit but we still gotta eat right? Plus it was great to see the rest of the family...

This will be a 3 part post since I have a ton of pictures... Enjoy~

**Note: conversion US$1 = ~NT30**

Caramel Candy Ice Cream Bar NT45~ A childhood candy made into ice cream form! Niiiice. A bit too sweet though.

Various Bakery Yummies. Gotta love Asian bakeries. They are one of the main things I look forward to when I go back.

Taipei 101 Food Court:
Cupcakes. Cute! Didn't try...

Hielo Frozen Yogurt - "Will" (bananas, brownie, almond toppings in waffle cup) NT130~ Quite pricey in terms of Taiwan prices. But it's in Taipei 101...what you gonna do? haha.

Tong Hua Street Night Market:
- Ice Cream Peanut Roll (shaved peanut brittle, cilantro, red bean ice cream wrapped in sweet rice paper) NT30~

I saw this 2 years ago but never got to try it. Sounds so interesting. And it was! Super delicious. I tried it with the cilantro even though I hate cilantro to get the full effect. It wasn't too unbearable but next time I would still get it without. The frangrant and slightly crunchy peanut brittle with the cold creamy ice cream was a fantastic combination. Definitely worth a try!

- Pig's Blood Cake (coated with peanut crumbles) NT25~ A staple in Taiwan night market food. Not a personal favorite of mine, but my cousin loves it.

- Various goodies for frying Danshui Street Food

Danshui Street Food:
- Grilled Squid NT90~ One of the more expensive street foods but if you find a good place, they are delicious!! Be sure to ask for "Da Lah" if you love spicy!
- Fried Mushrooms NT40~ The Enoki mushrooms on top are my favorite kind. :)

Mung Bean Slush with Ice Cream NT45~ First time discovering this drink. OMG fantastic!! If you like mung beans you'd probably love this as much as I did!

Read on for Taipei "fast" food!!


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