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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sushiism: 2nd Visit!

I went back to Sushiism last weekend with some friends to celebrate a birthday. I also wanted to go back because I wanted to try their ramen. hehe.

1628 W Hebron Pkwy. Ste 120
Carrollton, TX 75010
(972) 395-7800
Price: $$

The owner, Siri, greeted us as we were seated and she immediately recognized me and was happy that I had returned. "I brought new friends," I said. hehe. She's so nice!

They were also running a special that day which is $3 for various appetizers. If you follow their facebook page, you can stay up to date with their daily/weekly specials!

We got various appetizers throughout the night. I've included the regular price per dish.
Edamame ($3.99~) Pretty standard.

Vegetable Tempura ($4.49~) This was a good deal on special. You get assorted veggies like onion, bell pepper, asparagus, etc. The batter was nice and crispy.

Kurobuta Pork Sausage ($4.49~) This tasted like a mini hot dog to me. Wasn't too excited by it. And it was a pretty small portion.

Ginger Soy Fried Chicken (Karage) ($4.99~) This was yummy. The chicken was tender and moist and it was nicely fried.

Quail Egg Shooter ($5.99~)
This was a dare among the guys after a few rounds of drinks. haha. I didn't try one. It's a raw quail egg in sake with some scallions and fish egg, I think. They were a little scared but ended up saying it was actually pretty good! I don't like sake, but maybe next time I'll give it a shot... no pun intended. hehe.

One friend ordered the Ramen Set (Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce broth) & Gyoza) $12.49~
The gyoza was normal. Had a good sear on it. I tried a little of the shoyu broth and didn't care for it. I'm not a fan of shoyu ramen in general. I think it's just so generic. I found the broth to be a little bland.

I got the Tonkatsu Ramen (pork bone extract broth) $8.99~
This is what I came for. Last time we were here, Siri described to us how they make the base broth. They cook the pork bone for over 8 hours to develop the flavor. Sounds great! I wasn't blown away by it. The broth was good but wasn't as flavorful as I imagined. It was actually quite light. But as I drank more of the broth more flavor would build and develop. The noodles (although not homemade) were cooked well and had great texture. I really enjoyed the egg. The yolk was just slightly soft/runny...which is how I like boiled eggs to be. Not to the hardboiled point where the yolk is totally dry. The star of the dish was the pork. It was super tender, lots of fat, almost melts in your mouth. I wish I had more than just one piece!! It wasn't the best ramen I've ever had, but just in was pretty good. They should just put a second slice of pork in there though. hehe. :P

Another friend ordered the Kurobuta Tonkatsu (served with steamed rice) $15.99~
 Kurobuta Pork is Japanese Berkshire pig that is prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness, is pink-hued and heavily marbled. The Kurobuta pork make the cutlet a little different than other Japanese places around town. It was more like a battered pork chop. It was a little thicker and I definitely got some of the marbling in the meat. It needed a little more seasoning on the meat though. But the tonkatsu sauce definitely helped.

Firecracker Roll (salmon, cucumber, wrapped with sliced tuna, tempura crunch, spicy mayo, chili powder, eel sauce) $13.99~ I had this last time I was here and loved it. So I suggested to my friend and he ordered it. He loved it too!

Ocean's Trio (tuna, yellowtail, salmon, flying fish roe, avocado, cucumber) $12.99~ This was good but not as exciting as the Firecracker. Siri came by to chat with us frequently during the meal. We told her that we had a birthday and she gave him a complimentary shot of chilled sake with real gold flakes. She says that is for special occasions. My friend says it was really smooth.

And of course we got dessert! My friend ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake (double chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sauce) $7.99~ 
It was awesome! I cut into it and the chocolate sauce in the middle just flows out. The chocolate was rich and delicious. The cake was moist. I wanted to lick the plate clean!

Another friend ordered the Banana Flambe (fried banana tempura with vanilla ice cream flamed with Bacardi 151) $5.99~
This is not your typical flambe. The bananas are tempura'd. Then they spray 151 on it and light it on fire. Sounds cool but they couldn't really get the fire to stay lit on the bananas so it ended up just being tempura bananas. haha. It was still good but we didn't get to see the show.

After the food ended, then it was time for the real party. haha. The guys ordered some drinks and also had Siri surprise us with some of her creations. I'm not a big drinker but I did try a few.

"Liquid Dessert" is what Siri called this. It had Baileys and Patron coffee Liqueur I think. It was yummy! A little strong on the coffee side (for me) but still pretty tasty.

By the end of the night, we actually helped her create a new cocktail! I wonder if she's going to put it on the menu? We named it "Pearl Passion". It had lychee vodka, a splash of yuzu, a bit of lemon peel and maybe something else? It was delicious! If you don't see this on the menu, just ask Siri, I'm sure she'll make one for you. :)

I really enjoyed the entire night. Great company and good food. They really makes you feel welcomed there. We will definitely be back.

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