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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Henry's Ice Cream

I went by Henry's Ice Cream in Plano a few days ago with my bf. We were looking for something sweet after our dinner. I hadn't been to the new location but I remembered I used to love their ice cream.

Henry's Ice Cream
3011 Independence Parkway, Suite # 215
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 943-3639
Price: $

There were so many interesting flavors to try. I wasn't expecting so many wacky flavors, like Avocado or Blueberry Ginger.

Then I saw Corn Ice Cream! OMG! There was a place I really wanted to try when I was up in NYC that had corn ice cream but we never made it there. I wasn't expecting to like it but it was awesome. Imagine creamed corn, but a little less savory. I loved it so much. The sweetness was light and there were a ton of corn kernels inside. The kernels get a little frozen so it's almost like eating frozen berries or something.

The other flavor I tried was Hog Wild, which was bacon with black pepper. Tons of bacon and specks of black pepper. It was a great combination of sweet and savory. YUM! So since I couldn't decided...I asked if I could get a single scoop but do half and half. They were super nice and agreed immediately. I got a single scoop in a waffle cone. It was massive!!! It was basically 2 scoops. I can't imagine what their real 2 scoops look like! O.O

Single Scoop in Waffle Cone (half Corn and half Hog Wild Ice Cream) $4.75?~

My bf got his own since he's not too into the sweet/savory combo. But neither of us realized it was going to be so big. It was wayyy too much ice cream than we needed to be eating. But of course, I finished all of mine. haha. The corn and the bacon ice cream was like a second meal. hahaha. It was delicious. And normally bacon makes everything more awesome, but this time the corn ice cream won out for me.

I'll definitely be going back to try more wacky flavors. The service was friendly and the ice cream quality is top notch. I totally recommend it if you haven't been to Henry's yet! :)

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