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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sugarbox in Plano

I went to Sugarbox this past weekend. It's a new cupcake and dessert bar in the Shops at Legacy in Plano. Personally I don't think we need more cupcake places in Dallas but this place seemed different than other regular bakeries.

Sugarbox Cupcakes and Dessert Bar
7300 Lone Star Dr. Ste C
Plano, TX 75024
(214) 522-2224
Price: $

They sell cupcakes, cake balls, and Parisian macarons. The unique thing about this cupcake place is that they also offer wines along with your dessert. You don't typically see that in Dallas. And they are open late! I hate that most bakeries close their doors by 5 or 6pm. It's hard to ever go there when people have to work full time!

I went with a few friends. Walking in, I loved the decor! It was modern, bright and open. It's quite minimal but the few accent decorations were very nice. Plus they have a really cool faux fireplace on the wall. It has a pretty hip vibe.

The dessert selection and flavors were fairly standard. They didn't have a lot of weird or wacky flavor combinations like some other cupcake places. Everything looked clean and fresh though.

Cupcakes/each $3.25~
Cakeballs/each $2.25~

2 of my friends got...
Creme de la Cookie Cupcake (Oreo Cookies & Cream) This was highly recommended by the girl behind the counter. My friends got this. They really liked it. I only tried a bite of the cake part. It was very fluffy and not too sweet.
Strawberry Cakeball. Really moist inside. My friends enjoyed it.

I shared with another friend...
Strawberry Cupcake. It was delicious! The cake was fluffy as well and the icing was really fresh and light. Not heavily sugared and overly sweet. The texture was nice as well. It paired well with the lightness of the cake.
Birthday Cakeball. The cake looked dry when we cut into it. But it was more moist than it looked.
Red Velvet Cakeball. SUPER moist. YUMMY!

Brownie Cakeball. A little drier than I would've liked but the flavor was good.

Parisian Macarons/each $2~
I wanted to try their macarons but I can't justify paying the price for such a tiny cookie. I still don't understand why they are so freaking expensive EVERYWHERE?!?! Supposedly they are not that hard to make...

Overall the desserts were tasty. The prices are pretty comparable to cupcake places around town. Still all too expensive in my opinion... after a few cake balls it adds up! I mainly just loved the ambiance of the whole place. It's a great place to chill with friends. Sometimes we want a place to hang out after dinner that's NOT a bar or lounge and this could be it! :)

Definitely a cool place to check out. I'll be back in the future to try more of their cupcakes. :D

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