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Saturday, March 24, 2012


A few weekends ago my friends and I went to go check out Lazaranda in Addison. It's a new Mexican place specializing in seafood. (Note: Zaranda is the metal skillet used to cook over a fire, esp seafood.)

5000 Belt Line Rd. Ste 850
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 866-8900
Price: $$

I'm not a big fan of Tex-Mex but this isn't your normal Mexican restaurant. I like all the seafood selections and they have healthier options on the menu. The restaurant has a bar and a nice patio area.

Our waiter was really nice. He put up with my indecisiveness and answered all my questions. haha.

My friend got the Lazaranda Grilled Salad (Mixed greens, house vinaigrette, grilled vegetables, panela cheese and sauteed peanuts) $6.99~ With grilled chicken $9.99~
This was a massive salad. The salad was fresh and so were the grilled veggies. He said the chicken was pretty tender.

From the Zaranda (Grill): Fish (Tilapia) Zarandeado style (house special mix of 4 sauces, garlic, mustard, chipotle and soy sauce) (Comes with seasoned veggies and white rice) $11.99~

I ordered this and I was able to substitute the rice for a side salad with no extra charge! That was really cool of them since a side salad costs more than a side of rice. It was a ton of food!!! I was only able to finish the side salad and one piece of the fish. Now I got lunch for the next day! :P The salad was fresh and the seasonal veggies as well. However, I felt the meal overall was slightly bland. Nothing a little salt and pepper won't fix but they should put a little more seasoning on the veggies. The fish was cooked nicely and I liked the sauce. A splash of Tabasco and some heat made it even better.

My other friend got Tacos (price differ per piece).
Fish Taco (sauteed tilapia with tomato, onions, guajillo sauce on a corn tortilla) $2.99~
Cochinita Pibil Taco (slow cooked pork meat, marinated in achiote and vinegar) $2.99~
The tacos were bigger than normal corn tortilla tacos so I thought that was cool. I didn't get to taste them though.
He also got a Side of Beans $1.99~

The food was decent. I was mostly impressed by their service. They had a lot of wait staff on the floor and we weren't lacking any service. Our main waiter was very considerate and checked on us periodically. The other support staff were also very friendly. I would recommend this place. Supposedly their margaritas are really good.

Quality of Food:




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