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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amazing Wedding Reception~

My friend had a lunch wedding reception and chose Edo Sushi in Baltimore because it was where they had their first date. Awwww! :) Plus it had a great view on the water.

Edo Sushi
201 E Pratt St # 2075
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 843-9804

It was an all you can eat sushi reception. OMG! It doesn't get better than this!!!

Miso Soup - I'm normally not a fan of miso soup but this was good!
Sesame Seaweed Salad
Age Tofu - lightly fried. so yummy!
Spicy Sauteed Mussels - the broth was very flavorful.
Unagi (fresh water eel) Sushi
Sake (salmon) Ngiri Sushi
Ebi (shrimp) Ngiri Sushi
Escolar (white tuna) Ngiri Sushi
The sashimi on the ngiri were super fresh. The salmon and white tuna were like butter. Just melted in your mouth. OMG. Delicious!!
California Roll
Soft Shell Crab
Volcano Roll
Spicy Scallop Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Sweetheart Maki (spicy tuna and avocado roll with fresh tuna around it in a heart shape)
The sushi roll presentation was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier display of sushi. And the Sweetheart Rolls were so cute! My favorite roll by far was the Volcano Roll. The others were ok. The rice was overcooked (one of my pet peeves for sushi) but it's understandable since they are cranking out these rolls as fast as they can! Just look how amazing that is?!?!

In addition we also got...
Seafood Yaki Udon - this was ok, I liked the veggies in it
Chicken and Vegetable Tempura - fried nicely
By this time we were all pretty stuffed... haha.

In addition to the regular sushi offerings, they also provided veggie rolls and udon for Vegetarians as well as Beef Teriyaki for non-fish eaters.

The beef teriyaki was awesome. Normally I don't care for teriyaki, but this was served on a sizzling plate and was basically a piece of steak. And it was soooo tender and not overly sweet like teriyaki could be.

We stuffed ourselves until we were sick... Literally for some of us. haha. But wait! There's cake!!!

The Wedding Cake was from Patisserie Poupon.
820 East Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 332-0390

FREAKING AMAZING. One layer was this rich chocolate hazelnut mousse cake with a layer of crispy something. Delicious! I wish I had more room in my stomach for more than one slice! The other layer was this light and fluffly lemon cake with a really light and refreshing lemon frosting. It was a good contrast with the rich chocolate cake.

 Definitely go check out this bakery... I wish we had more time to do that.

So the food was fantastic and it was an amazing wedding. I'm so glad to see all my friends from high school! Plus our waiter at Edo was superb!! He made the experience THAT much better! :)

Definitely 5 cookies for the reception food and cake selections!!!!! :D


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