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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre-GAGA Dinner~ :)

Went to the Lady Gaga concert @ AAC last week! Heck yea!!! So I met up with a few friends before the concert to have dinner and carpool to the concert. Decided to try out Wai Wai Kitchen on Mockingbird Lane and 75 next to the the SMU Bookstore.

Wai Wai Kitchen
3020 Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 368-9494
Price: $

I had looked at their menu online and everything looked pretty good, and they have the cheapest Thai food I've come across in Dallas so far! Definitely need to give it a try!

It's a fairly small place, simple decor. You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. The lady at the counter was pretty nice. Unfortunately it was REALLY hot in there... They told us it was on full blast but I dunno if I believe it...

I would say on average all their dishes are $2-3 dollars less than other Thai restaurants around town...and not to mention this was for dinner (which some places jack up the price!)

I've been craving curry for a few days now so I knew exactly what I wanted. I got the Green Curry w/ Vegetable & Tofu (with brown rice) (the most spiced curry. Bell peppers, bamboo shoots, green peas, coconut milk, and basil leaves) $7.55~ And I told them REALLY spicy! Maybe not the best idea since it was so hot...haha. but oh well. The curry was really thick and full of flavor. The spices and spiciness kinda kicks you in the face! I really liked it. The combo with the brown rice was really good. It felt hearty even without meat! I cleaned the entire plate....sooo full after...haha.

One of my friends got the Chicken Pad Thai (traditional Thai noodles with egg, green onions, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts) $6.95~ Normally I would've ordered this since Pad Thai is like a staple for me to judge a Thai restaurant so of course I had a bite. The flavors were pretty good. Not the best pad thai I've had in Dallas but it was good enough. For 7 bucks! That's a damn good deal. I think Asian Mint still has the best pad thai but they charge like a ridiculous $12 or $13 for it!! My friend really liked it. She cleaned her plate as well! :)

Another friend of mine ordered the Thai Fried Rice w/ Chicken (egg, tomatoes, onion, scallions) $6.95~ I didn't try it but it looked pretty good. He said he liked it.

It was a pretty good meal...and didn't hurt the wallet! My friends all said they would go back in the future. I will too when I'm in that area...and I will definitely be recommending it to other people. :)

BTW...Lady Gaga TOTALLY ROCKED!! She's awesome! LOVE! :D

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