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Monday, July 26, 2010

Asia Fooding - Part 1: Shanghai!

I've been back from my Asia trip for a few weeks now. Finally getting around to posting the food pics! There are soooo many so get ready!! :D

I'm not going to do any ratings for this since there's just wayyy too much. But I'll try my best to include names, locations, and/or prices.

**Note: the bigger pictures were some of my favorites! :)

1. En Route to Shanghai (our final destination):
Narita Airport (Japan)
- Tonkatsu Rice
- Ramen
- Crepe Layer Cake
Hong Kong Airport
- BBQ Pork & Sausage over Rice

2. First day in Shanghai (Dinner)
(I included a scan of the restaurant business card. For those of you who can't read Chinese...I'm sorry...)
- Peking Duck (w/ the traditional wrap, garnish, sauce)
- Fried Rice
- Bok Choy w/ Mushrooms

3. First day at the World Expo:
85 degrees C Bakery
- Chocolate Cake
- some sort of buttery awesome bread!

Inside the Chile Pavilion
- Pork sandwich, chicken kabob, empanada (and wine)

4. Day 3 (Lunch)
Tasty (prix fixe menus with A LOT of selection!) We chose the RMB$98/person meal (roughly under US$15 a person). Each person gets a salad, soup, sorbet (pallet cleanser), entree, dessert, after meal beverage)
- Sesame Bread and cheese dip (before the meal) - Hawaii Fruit Salad
- Salmon Salad
- Madrid Sliced Raw Beef Salad
- Passion Fruit Sorbet
- Roasted Short Rib
- Italian Matsutake Steak
- Garlic Tile Roasted Steak
- European-Style Roasted Lamb Ribs
- Pan-Fried Flatfish - Caramel Pumpkin Pudding
- Destroy the Earth (chocolate dome with ice cream and whipped cream inside, the hot fruit syrup pours over the dome and "destroys" it)
- Green Tea Muffin Ice Cream- Black Forest Chocolate Mousse - Red Bean and Green Tea Mousse

SO. FULL. >.<

5. Day 3 (Dinner)
Fresh handmade noodles (This was around 70 cents US per person!!!)
- Pork and bean paste noodle

- Beef Noodle Soup
6. Day 4 (Lunch)
Dim Sum
- Roast Pork
- Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings, Shanghai style)- Sha Jiao (shrimp dumplings)- Eel and potato- BBQ Pork Buns- BBQ Pork wrapped with rice noodle- Spicy Beef Tendon
7. Day 4 (Dinner)
Xia Mian Guan (Shanghainese noodles)- Appetizer: Short Ribs
- Sweet & Sour Pork - Shanghainese Dry Noodles with Green Onion - Crispy Beef
- Beef w/ Chili & Cilantro (plus wraps)
8. World Expo Day 2 (Lunch) (about US$3-5 a person)
- Make-Your-Own Fried Noodle
- Shrimp Fried Rice - Roasted Pork with Rice meal (comes with donut and drink)
- Kung Fu Bing (chinese "burger")
85 degrees C Bakery
- Pudding Bread

9. Day 5 @ Tian Zi Fan (Dinner)
The Bell Bar
- Salad
- Fruit Salad - Sandwich w/ Fries
- Bacon Fried Rice
- Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce
10. Day 6 (Lunch )
Shen Ji Liang Tang
- Appetizer (some sort of veggies with minced meat and tofu)
- Appetizer: Fried Fish - Tofu
- Beef with Mint & Asparagus
- Lotus Root Pancakes
- Spicy Fish Soup
- Crispy Sticky Rice Cakes

11. Day 7 (Lunch)
Ajisen Ramen (Japanese Ramen)
- Ajisen Original Ramen
- Spicy Mushroom & Chicken Fried Rice

12. Day 7 (Dinner)
Went to a restaurant with some relatives. They specialized in using fresh local ingredients, and offered some non-traditional dishes.
- Turtle Soup
- Tea Shrimp - Roast Chicken (soooo tender)
This concludes our eating fest in China...up next...Hong Kong!! :)


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