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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asia Fooding - Part III: Taiwan! :D

We saved the best for last! hehe. I'm totally bias on Taipei since I was born there. :) But I still think they have the best food!

**The bigger pictures were some of my favorites**

1. Snack/Late Lunch:
Jing Hwa Mall (The Living Mall food court)
- Pork Chop Rice Combo Meal (less than US$4.50) (Pork chops, rice, soup, 3 sides)
- Noodle/Wonton Combo Meal (US$5) (spicy noodle soup, wonton soup, side of veggies)
- Hot Pot Meal (US$5) (hot pot of pig intestine, duck blood, etc., rice, side dish, and tea)

2. After Lunch Snack:
Beard Papa's @ New SOGO Mall food court (2 for US$3 I think?)
- Cream Puff w/ Vanilla Bean Custard
- Puff Donut w/ Vanilla Bean Custard

**Tried this because of a recommendation from "A hungry girl's guide to Taipei" blog! :) ** It was pretty amazing! One of the best cream puffs I've had ever!

3. Dinner w/ Relatives:
Chen Ji Si Han (Mongolian BBQ) (All you can eat! I LOVE Mongolian BBQ!! Definitely beats the one's in the US...they don't really even count in my book...)
- Make your own dish
- Rice w/ Stewed Pork
- Desserts & Fruit

4. Late Lunch:
Modern Toilet (Toilet Themed Restaurant @ Ximending)
This place is all toilet/bathroom themed, from the plates to cups to food descriptions. There are many other themed restaurants all over Taiwan. The food here wasn't as good as the other location in Shilin. A little pricier since it's a novelty.
- Cheese Sticks (in a 'squatting toilet')
- Chicken Curry (in a 'toilet' bowl)
- Black Pepper Steak w/ Fries (in a 'sink' plate)
- Tea in a "Urinal" Cup :P
- Soft Serve (in a 'squatting toilet')

5. Snack:
Klefun Crepe (Warner Village food court)
- Crepe w/ Fruits & Oreo Ice Cream (soooo much bigger and better than the crepe we had in HK)

6. Dinner:
Ninja Restaurant (This was really cool. Ninja themed restaurant with japanese food. The waiters/waitresses dressed like ninjas. They also come to your table to do magic tricks! The prices were higher but compared to Japanese food in US, it's quite cheap still. Everything was delicious!)
- Chef's Sashimi Plate (NT$560 = US$17.50)
- Shrimp Fried Rice (NT$180 = US$5.60)
- Tempura Shrimp Roll (NT$280 = US$8.75)
- Beef & Green Onion Yakitori (NT$240 = US$7.50)
- Chicken Yakitori (NT$180 = US$5.60)

7. After Dinner Snack:
Shilin Night Market (Snow Ice dessert - thinly shaven slices of milk ice with toppings. Tastes like ice cream!!)
- Passion Fruit (NT$60 = US$1.90)
- Coffee (NT$60 = US$1.90)
- Peanut (NT$60 = US$1.90)
- Green Tea & Red Bean (NT$70 = US$2.20)

8. Breakfast:
Unknown Bakery (by Da-An MRT station)
- Egg Tart (this was bigger than any egg tarts I've had during Dim Sum. Delicious! I LOVE asian bakeries!!)

9. Lunch:
Street Side Noodle Shop by Da-An MRT Station
- Minced Pork Noodles
- Beef Noodle Soup

10. Danshui (Snacks):
Street Food!!!
- Green Onion Pancakes & Pork Dumplings (NT$50 = US$1.50)
- Fried Mushrooms (3 different kinds NT$50 = US$1.50)
- Super Tall Soft Serve (NT$10 = US$0.30)

11. Dinner w/ Relatives:
Bei Hai Dao "Hokkaido" Hot Pot (prix fixe menu, each pot is meant to be shared by 2 people. You choose the broth you want in the hot pot, assorted veggies, choice of meat, pallet cleanser, choice of side, rice or noodle, dessert.) NT$340 per person = US$10.60
- Assorted Veggies
- Hot Pot (we chose 2 broths: 1 spicy, 1 not)
- Thinly Sliced Beef
- Thinly Sliced Pork
- Kelp Udon Noodle
- Crab Leg Meatballs + Wasabi-Flavored Meatballs
- Fried Onion Dumplings + Crab Meatballs
- Hokkaido Orange Panna Cotta

12. Lunch w/ my Grandma:
Ming Yue Dumplings (beats the crap out of Ding Tai Fong in quality AND price!! One of my favorite places in Taipei!)
- Spicy & Sour Soup (Large: NT$120 = US$3.75) - Veggie Dumplings (NT$140 = US$4.40)
- Xiao Long Bao (traditional soup dumplings) (NT$120 = US$3.75)
- Korean Style Dumplings (NT$180 = US$5.60)
- Green Onion Pancakes (NT$50 = US$1.60)
- Pork Fried Rice (NT$120 = US$3.75)
- Rice Cakes w/ Veggie & Pork (NT$140 = US$4.40)
- Pot Stickers (NT$120 = US$3.75)
- Green Tea Dumplings (dessert: NT$150 = US$4.70)

13. Afternoon Snack:
Bigtom (Ice Cream & Waffles) - also highly recommended by Hungry Girl Taipei. A little pricey but different than other coffee shops. The waffles were FANTASTIC!!!
- Kahlua Ice Cream + Small Waffle + Drink Combo (NT$199 = US$6.25)
- Single Scoop of Obama Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream in Waffle Bowl (NT$108 = US$3.40) - gotta love the name!! heehee

14. Last Dinner of the Trip... :(
Wu Jiao Chuan Ban in Neihu (My uncle called it 'Monster' restaurant; the architecture of the place was amazing...more like artwork than anything else. Definitely worth checking out!) We ordered many dishes all either NT$280 or NT$360 a plate (US$8.75 or US$11.250. Quite expensive, but I guess you are paying more for the experience and decor.
- Mayonnaise Shrimp
- Beef Hot Pot
- Sauteed Pork Ribs with Orange Sauce
- Deep Fried Chicken Legs
- Grilled Sirloin Steak- Pan Fried Chicken in Casserole (San Bei Ji)
- Minced Shrimp w/ Lettuce Wraps
- Stir Fried Mushroom with Garlic and Chili
- Sweet & Sour Fish
- My GIANT milk tea!! (with side of homemade peanut mochi)

15. En Route back to Dallas:
JAL Lounge in Narita (Japan) Airport
- Free buffet! (Thanks to my bf who's a member!! :D ) Salad, potato salad, meatballs, beef curry, udon, etc.. :)

It was a busy trip....ATE a lot, WALKED a lot, SAW a lot! I miss it already....READY TO GO BACK!! hehe


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