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Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHIC From Barcelona

CHIC from Barcelona
11909 Preston Rd # 1426
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 239-2442
Price: $-$$

Had dinner with some friends earlier this month. We chose to go to CHIC From Barcelona. I've come across its website many times and always wanted to try it. It specializes in Rotisserie Chicken and Barcelona influenced flavors. It's tapa style, small plates meant to be shared. I love Spanish and Latin food so I had high hopes for this place.

Walking in, I noticed they had a pretty cool patio seating area. But it was raining so decided to sit inside. We sat in a booth...where there was no air flow. :( It was quite hot and humid.

Everything on the menu sounded pretty good. We ordered a bunch of things to share between the 4 of us. (I don't remember the exact prices, and the prices on their website don't match their actual menu...I'll include a general price with the dishes...)

Veronica Salad (spinach leaves with strawberries, glazed walnuts and orange vinaigrette) Big Size: $7ish~
This was pretty good. The spinach and strawberries were pretty fresh. The vinaigrette was sweet and also added a tangy kick to it. The walnuts added a nice crunch.

Vegetable Paella (Tapa size) $3.50ish~ I haven't had enough Paella to tell what is good or what is authentic. I liked the flavor of this dish, but the rice was a little too soft for my taste. It was a pretty good side for all the other dishes.

Croquetas (Croquettes) (Cheese, Bacon, Chicken, and Egg) Four for $5ish~ We got one of each flavor. When they served it, they didn't explain which was which. So we had to taste and guess. I think I could tell 2 or 3 of them...the bacon one for sure. haha. Despite not being able to tell them apart, I really enjoyed these. Can't go wrong with fried potatoes! :P

Patatas Bravas (fried irregular cut potatoes with garlic mayo and red spicy sauce) $5ish~ I would say this was one of the favorites of the night. The garlic mayo and spicy sauce combo-ed the potatoes well. I think the 'red spicy sauce' was actually ketchup though. haha.

Meatballs (in tomato sauce, comes with bread) $5ish~ The meatballs had good flavor and were very tender. They were a little too soft for me, but everyone else enjoyed it a lot.

Tony Botella's Rotisserie Chicken (Half chicken with roasted apples) $10.95~ This is their specialty. Rotisserie Chicken with a Mediterranean flair. The chicken was super tender and the flavors were bold. However, I thought it was too salty. I wanted some sort of bread/rice/pasta to cut some of the saltiness. The roasted apples helped a bit. The slight sweetness of the apples were a good contrast to the chicken. I wouldn't say this was the best rotisserie chicken in town...according to their website...

Dark Chocolate Cake (crispy chocolate cake with whipped cream and ice cream) $6.95~ We got this because the description sounded interesting. Big Fail! The cake LOOKED really good until we tried to dig into it. The outershell was pretty hard...but not crispy... And it seems like it should have molten chocolate inside...but no.. Sigh~

Crema Catalana (creme brulee) (Creamy dessert with lemon aroma. The most authentic Catalan dessert) (full size) $5.95~ They accidentally gave us the wrong dessert so they let us keep it. I'm glad it was free. The lemon flavor in it made it weird. It created almost a slight sour/bitter flavor. It wasn't too great.

Flan (full size) $5ish~ This was the best dessert out of the bunch. The flan was denser than some others I've had in the past but it was ok. The flavor was very good. I love flan! :)

Overall, an enjoyable dinner...not great, but some elements were pretty good. I think it's worth trying but I probably wouldn't go back in the future.

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