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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ZaLat Pizza

My friends had a baby shower at DaLat mid last month. (She just gave birth last week! Congrats to them!) The owner of DaLat is one of their relatives so he hosted/catered. Which is awesome because I finally get to try some ZaLat pizza!

2519 N. Fitzhugh Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
(469) 573-2007 (Text for orders)
Price: $$-$$$

So... same owner, obviously. ZaLat is his latest venture, just next door to DaLat. It's a take-out or delivery only pizza joint. But if you want to take it over to DaLat and enjoy it with some drinks, you can do that too. It is open daily from 4PM to 4AM. You text your orders to them along with the payment and then get ready for some amazing pizzas!!

Check out their website before you order. They have a template on how you should structure your text order for maximum efficiency!

I liked the food at the baby shower so much I decided to order a pizza of my own and take it home to my fiance. (He had to work that weekend. booo.)

Reuben (corned beef, salami, sauerkraut, mozzarella, swiss cheese, chives, thousand island sauce) 18" $18.99~ 
I've heard this is a very popular choice. I was able to get the last slice at the baby shower. It was already cold by then but still really good. It didn't take long at all before they texted me back to say the order is ready. OMG... the pizza smelled FREAKING amazing! I had to take a bite before I drove home. haha. Sooooooo good. And so different than any other pizza I've had. The crust had great texture. The toppings were well distributed on the pie. And my fiance loved it. I only ate a slice and he ate the rest. hahaha.

I need to go back and try some other ones. They have an "Elotes" pizza that's not on the menu! Doesn't that sound fantastic?!?!? GO GET YOU SOME!

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