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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

VertsKebap - Lewisville

Ahhh... finally getting around to posting. I've gotten so behind! Had some technical issues on my laptop and it ended up corrupting all my photos! Oh noes! :( Good thing I didn't wipe anything from my iPhone yet.

While dress shopping early last month with my friend and future mom-in-law, we stopped in at VertsKebap for a quick lunch.

VertsKebap - Lewisville
859 State Hwy 121
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 315-2846
Price: $


I love me some Mediterranean food. It's like a make your own sandwich/wrap shop or you can use one of their pre-set combos. They press all the bread and wraps so it's crunchy on the outside! a panini.

Kebap on Bread - The Texan with Falafel (spring mix, tomato, cucumber, corn, onion, jalapeno, spicy red sauce) Snack Size $4.65~ 
This was mine. We all got the snack size which was more than enough to fill you up. I'm glad I wasn't greedy and got the regular. haha. These things are stuffed to the brim! All the ingredients were really fresh and the bread was nice and toasty. A little hard to eat since they were super stuffed but tasty all the same. Just a little messy is all. Yum! I really liked it.

Kebap on Bread - The Vegetarian with Veggie Patties (spring mix, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, corn, onion, house sauce, vinaigrette) Snack Size $4.65~

Kebap on Bread - The Verts Original with Beef & Lamb (red cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, house sauce, vinaigrette, spicy red sauce) Snack Size $5.25~

Fries (made to order, large) $3.45~ We got fries to share. The large is definitely plenty for 3 if you are not super hungry. They are fried to order so they were piping hot. Salted just right... it was delicious.

The employees there were all very friendly, even checked in with us on how we're doing...despite being a self-service restaurant. We all loved what we got. It's fast, fresh, and tasty. I will definitely go back in the future if I'm looking for a filling, and good, meal. :)

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