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Friday, May 1, 2015

Taiwan March 2015: Road trip to CingJing Farm

The 2nd night we went up into the mountains which is in central Taiwan. After checking into the hotel, the driver took us to a restaurant he recommended. They cook the chicken in these contraptions. We got the 4 dishes set menu for NT$1100~

Mountain Chicken. You get a whole chicken, steaming hot, gloves, and plastic gloves. Put the plastic gloves over the gloves and use your hands to break the chicken apart. Pretty fun! The chicken was amazing. Super tender, juicy, and so much flavor. These chickens are raised in the mountains. 

Pork with Mountain Vegetables. Deeeelicious.
Sauteed Bamboo
There was also sauteed cabbage that's grown in the mountains. I forgot to take a picture of that. And the meal came with a soup

The morning breakfast at our hotel in the mountains was also fantastic. Unlimited porridge, with an egg pancake and sauteed cabbage. So simple, yet homey and comforting. 


And the views in the mountains are amazing. This isn't food...but just look at the view!!! OMG! I recommend Stargaze Villa, where we stayed.

On the way back to Taipei we stopped at the QingShui Rest Stop. Probably my favorite part of the road trip. Haha. It's like a giant food court/shopping center. The food was pretty good and there were so many snack vendors.

Rice with Minced Pork, and veggies

Sizzling Plate with Mushroom Patty and Spaghetti
Korean Rice Cakes

Best find!! Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake. Asian cheesecake is not at all like American cheesecake. It is very light and fluffy, almost like a sponge cake with cheesecake flavors. We saw Uncle Tetsu's and decided to get one. Not very expensive to get a whole cake. So we got super lucky and got the last one of the batch. Decided to dig into it right then and there and it was OMG AMAZING! The best Asian cheesecake I have ever had. It was like eating clouds... so fluffy and light. 
So we decided to go back and get another. haha. Now they only make 10-12 cakes each time and so there's a 10-16 minute wait between every batch. Everyone lines up to watch them prep, bake, and package it. It was quite cool. For every cake, they brand their logo on it, unwrap it, then place in a box. The line was already super long but we got in it anyways. Didn't take too long before we got another! :) And it's limit 1 per person so you can't just buy it all up. Check my Facebook page to see some videos! Sooooo freaking good. Man I want some more now... 


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