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Friday, May 1, 2015

Taiwan March 2015: Road trip to Kenting

My parents planned a 3 day 2 night road trip for all of us around Taiwan so we can see some sights! Normally we just stay in Taipei so this time we get to see the rest of the country. However, due to some misinformation, the trip ended up being 70% in the car and not being able to enjoy much of the cities we are in. :( Word of advice... when you go to Kenting (the southernmost part of Taiwan, take the train most of the way AND THEN get a car. We had a driver from Taipei to Kenting and it was torture. Took wayyy too long. We didn't arrive until it was dark and wasn't able to enjoy the beach at all. Also... another piece of advice... 3 days 2 nights is not enough to hit 2 different cities and see the sights. It was basically views in the dark and then views from the car. Blehh... Although we did make time for food and everything was great! (except the afternoon tea...)

On the way south to Kenting, we stopped at a rest stop for lunch. Now the rest stops in Taiwan is nothing like the ones in the US. They are amazing! Large, clean bathrooms, and food courts and shops! The food was pretty good too!
Pork Chop Rice

Tonkatsu Curry

Matcha Ice Cream in a Croissant Cone

We arrived in Kenting and my dad had reserved for us to enjoy afternoon tea at the UFO Lounge in the H Resort. It has a 360 view of the ocean, too bad it was cloudy and stormy all day... we didn't get to enjoy the view.
UFO Lounge High Tea NT$450 + 10% gratuity/service charge. Normally in Asia you don't pay tip, but certain places charge you a service fee. The High Tea includes 4 types of desserts, 3 savory pieces, seasonal fruits, and a beverage.

My mom got the fresh Kiwi Juice
I got the Earl Grey Tea. There's no milk but they made it frothy! It was soooo strong though.

We each got a food carrier/tray. I always loved this presentation. Starting at the top we had cheesecake, some sort of custard tart, cranberry scone, and a panna cotta with blueberry sauce. The middle tier was a deviled egg, ham and cheese sandwich, and tuna mousse. The bottom was watermelon, pineapple and kiwi
It looked good and fun. But we soon discovered that you pay for the view, not good food. It wasn't that good at all. The cheesecake was my favorite. 
The scone was too dry, but I spread some of the "artificially tasting" blueberry sauce from the panna cotta on it and it was not bad. Actually we ended up crumbling the scone and mixing it in the bottle with the panna cotta. Genius! haha. 
The flavor of the tart was indiscernible. 
The ham sandwich is so generic. 
Deviled egg was good. 
The tuna mousse was soooo salty. 

After we checked into our hotel in Kenting, the driver took us to the main street where it's basically a giant nightmarket. Shopping, food, and lots of people walking around. They had some different things in the nightmarket that I haven't seen before.
Korean BBQ Chicken Skewers. Sooo freaking tender. Delicious!
 My sister got some Clams. They cook on the spot for you!
The difference with this nightmarket? They have booths with bartenders, actually doing mixology and stuff! Not just beer, but cocktails. Wow... first time seeing that. 
Student Chicken Bar. We got a Chicken Bar, more like a wrap. NT$70~ The guy rolls out the dough and cooks it after you order so it's still hot. Fills it with diced chicken, cabbage, onions, some salad sauce, and pepper. It was my favorite of the night. Like a crepe/chicken wrap. 
Grilled Squid - 3 for NT$100~ This is something we always have to get. It was pretty good. This place used pepper instead of chili powder for the spicy version, so it wasn't really that spicy. 

Breakfast - Complimentary of Fun Space (our boutique hotel).
Black Tea and Soy Milk, self service
Yogurt with Granola, Bananas, and Honey
Homemade Sandwiches (with side salad and steamed egg). 
I got to the lobby too late so I got ham and cheese. My family got there earlier and they got sandwiches with chicken, and it was really good! All the food was fantastic, and the hotel was so cute! I'd definitely recommend staying there. It has an ocean view from the front of the hotel.

For lunch, the hotel recommended us to go check out the Kenting Fishmarket. There are multiple vendors but they told us to go to Ah Xing
You pick the live seafood you want and they prep and cook it right there. This was one of the best meals on the trip and guess how much it was total? For 6 people!! US$40 freaking dollars!!! That's normally the price of 1 person at a seafood place in the states.
Super fresh sashimi (tuna, salmon). Freaking US$3~ for 20 pieces!!! What?!?! I'm still in shock! And it was like buttah... Mmmmm.
Squid with Basil
Uni (sea urchin). This was only US$5~ but it didn't really have much stuff in it. Worst choice of the meal. 
Stirfry Noodles
This is Shark Meat!! I've only had Shark Fin, but the meat is good too.

Fish Soup (made with salmon)
Whole Steamed Fish
Some sort of Egg and Mushroom mix. It looked like seaweed, but my mom said it was some sort of mushroom. Either way, it was tasty. haha.

$40 US DOLLARS TOTAL!! AHHHHH!!!! Never in a million years will you find this in the US. 


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