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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pancake Day!

This past Saturday turned out to be "Pancake Day". haha. It was unintentional but just happened that way. :P I love pancakes...any kind. I prefer them over French Toast and waffles too! 

The day started with a late brunch at 5th Street Patio Cafe in downtown Frisco. It's a cute little house turned restaurant. The food is home-cooked and yummy. I sooo wanted to be good and get a salad or something, but the pancakes just kept jumping out at me. 

5th Street Patio Cafe
8621 5th Street 
Frisco, TX 75034 
(972) 377-3483 
Price: $ 

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes
My friend subbed her toast for a pancake, but I didn't think 1 was enough so I asked if they could add another one. I think that was a mistake. The pancakes are huge! haha. And neither of us were really that hungry. But guess what... I killed it. of course..  -__-  It was yummy and full of fresh blueberries. :) 

Quality of Food:

For dinner, I ended up at Coffee House Cafe. I like this place... the service is hit or miss but their food is pretty good. Luckily our waiter this time was pretty awesome. 

Coffee House Cafe 
6150 Frankford Road 
Dallas, TX 75252 
(469) 248-0554 
Price: $-$$ 

Again, I wasn't too hungry and had every intention to eat well, but the waiter was telling us about their pancakes and how awesome they are so he talked my friend into ordering one. 

Buckwheat Granola Pancakes (with berries on top) 3 per order $8.25~ 
We added berries to it as recommended by the waiter. It was a good rec! The pancakes were also very large...and yummy. I loved the granola in it. So nutty and added nice texture. You almost don't need syrup! ...almost... haha. I always have to have syrup on my pancakes! :P But I did order a side salad!! So I was still able to get my veggies in for the day. hahaha. 

Quality of Food:

It was a good day of indulgence. I'd recommend both of these places for pancakes or just any type of brunchy foods! 


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