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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mian Cuisine

I had told my family about Mian Cuisine after I went a few weeks ago. My sister has gone once since and said it was pretty good. So we decided to have our family lunch there this past weekend. 

Mian Cuisine 
121 West Spring Creek Parkway 
Plano, TX 75023 
(972) 517-1688 
Price: $ 

We arrived at 1:30PM on Sunday and the place was pretty packed. Luckily we got a big table in the back. As most of our family meals go... we order a lot of food (usually too much). haha. We did everything family style of course because we want to sample everything. 

Spicy Hotpot (pork intestine, tofu, duck blood, pickled greens) $10.59~ 
My sister really wanted to try this. We all love this dish in general, and tend to get it if it's on the menu anywhere. It's definitely not for the unadventurous eater! haha. This was my favorite dish of the meal. It had bold flavors, was actually spicy, and had lots of ingredients in the hot pot. Everything was cooked well and tasty. 

Stir Fried Rice Cake & Vegetable (with pork) $6.99~ 
They have pretty big portions here. The rice cake was cooked well but overall the flavors were very mild. I didn't mind that, it's better than overly salty in my opinion. This dish was ok, not one of my favorites... 

Soup (with ginger and goji berries). We also got 2 free soups, I'm not sure which dishes it came with though. I'm not a fan of these soups but my sister is, and she finished one on her own. 

Chili Beef Noodle Soup $6.99~ 
I've had this before and I liked it. My family didn't think it was spicy enough, which I agree, but at least you can still taste the spiciness. And I love the texture of their noodles. 

Fried Bean Sauce Noodle (Zha Jian Mian) $6.99~ 
This was the main thing I wanted to try. It's one of my favorite Taiwanese style noodles of all time. I was disappointed here. The noodles were great, but there was not enough sauce, I had to ask for extra. And again, it was quite bland. I actually put some of the sauce from the hot pot and mixed it in there. Wasn't half bad! haha. I wouldn't order this here again though. 

Basil Crispy Chicken Rice $6.59~ 
This came in a bento box with a lot of stuff. I wanted the try their rice with minced pork on top since I didn't get to try it last time. I did not like it at all!! Yuck! The meat texture was weird and flavors were not right. I didn't eat anymore. Bleh.. :( The crispy chicken was ok. I prefer the one at Genroku more. 

Handmade Scallion Pancake $3.50~ 
I liked this the first time I had it. It's not as fluffy as it should be but I did like the crispiness on the outside. It was good dipping into the spicy sauce of the hot pot. hehe. 

Chives Box (fried chives dumpling, 2pcs) $4.99~ 
I'm not a fan so I didn't try. My dad says the flavors were pretty good, but it wasn't a good deal. You only get 2 and it's quite expensive! Go to JengChi Bakery for dumplings... 

All in all, it was a good meal. We still stuffed our faces as usual. The food is decent as far as Dallas standards go and the location is definitely closer to me than Chinatown in Richardson. I'll be back again. There are still other menu items I'd like to try. 

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