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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coffee House Cafe

Last Friday before hitting up a movie with some friends, we went to Coffee House Cafe on Frankford and Preston. I had heard about this place when it first opened and it seemed interesting. A coffee house that also sells alcohol? However, when it first opened the hours were a little weird. I believe they closed at 4PM... A place that serves alcohol but closes so early? Needless to say I never made it there and kind of forgot about it.

Coffee House Cafe
6150 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX 75252
(469) 248-0554
Price: $$
My friend suggested it, she stumbled upon it awhile back and was very impressed. Plus they now serve dinner!

The parking lot was a bit bare when I arrived. But I was immediately impressed because the hostess had already opened the door and was standing there waiting for me. I hadn't even locked my car yet!! What service!

Walking in, I was a little shocked by the row of waiters standing by the front door to greet me. I was immediately led to our table since my sister had already arrived. This place is WAY bigger than I thought... and the decor is pretty cool! Wood pallets on the ceiling, and coffee burlap sack designs lined the walls.

The waiter came by to see if I wanted anything else than water. We were still waiting on another friend so he said he would check back. Once everyone was there, the waiter came back. He was super nice and gave us the specials of the day and answered all our questions. It's really cool that they serve the breakfast and lunch menus all day. Sooo many tasty options, it was really hard to make a decision.

I settled on the Chicken Apple Sausage "Hash" (two poached cage-free eggs served atop chicken apple sausage hash, chipotle hollandaise) $11.95~
The waiter said it's really good. And he was right! It looked a bit small but was actually quite filling. I loved the sear on the outside of the sausage...gave it a nice crisp. If they had done the same to the potatoes, it would've been an amazing dish. The poached eggs were cooked well. And the hollandaise? AWWWESOME! I loved it. Everything worked together so well. I'd totally get this again.

My friend got the Spinach & Mushroom 3 Egg Omelette (fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms, monterey jack cheese) $9.95~ Substituted her side of potatoes with a side of Pancake (Lemon Ricotta Pancake). She also got a Side of Bacon $2.95~
The waiter told us their lemon ricotta pancake was really good so she was sold on it. haha. It was tasty! Light from the ricotta and a hint of lemon throughout. You don't even need syrup on it. The omlette was a good size. My friend said the ingredients were all really fresh and tasted good, she just wanted more cheese. 

My sister got the Special of the Day: Scallops and Pasta.
It comes with squash and zucchini in the pasta but she substituted with a side of sauteed spinach. The veggies were normally mixed in with the pasta but the waiter said they can take it out and do something on the side if she wanted. They were so accommodating! The dish looked a little puny on the plate and didn't have much color. But the scallops were cooked well and my sister said it still had a lot of flavor. She enjoyed it a lot.

The waiter was awesome. He was super attentive and so nice. I had a hot water and it was refilled throughout the night. Normally when I get hot water, it maybe gets refilled once and then they forget about it unless I ask them to refill it. This was a definite plus on their service. All the other waiters were really great as well. My friend was looking for the restroom and one waiter dropped what he was doing and showed her the way.

We were pretty full by the end of the meal but my friend had a coupon for Beignets (made to order) $4.95~
The order comes with 6 beignets. Perfect! 2 for each of us. hehe. The waiter came by and asked if we wanted honey and then informed us that they also have chocolate sauce... Ooooo! We asked for the chocolate sauce. hehe. The beignets were not like Cafe Du Monde or anything but were still good. I liked the texture and loved it with the chocolate sauce. It was a great recommendation by the waiter.

I'm so glad I got to try Coffee House Cafe. It was so much more than what I had expected. It's not just a coffee house, it is a full restaurant. And they serve some delicious food. In addition, the service was top notch. We felt welcomed and comfortable there. I definitely recommend this place. And I will be back, hopefully in the near future. I can have breakfast for dinner at a place other than IHOP now! hehe.

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