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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mike's Pastry - Boston

This time in Boston, I decided to go try out Mike's Pastry with my friend. We were just walking around North End so might as well.

I remember the first time in Boston we ended up not going because it was pretty busy and there was no where to sit. We ended up going to Modern Pastry just a few stores down. (Which was a terrible mistake...their desserts were bad...) And everyone gave me a hard time because I didn't go to Mike's. Sigh~

Mike's Pastry - North End
300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
(877) 508-0410
 Price: $

I kept telling people that I'm not a fan of cannolis in the first place, but they still urge me to go. So I went! I hope that makes everyone happy. hahaha.

It's cool that everything is made fresh in- house. They use fresh fruit, Grade A cream, butter, eggs, sugar. Homemade filling with ricotta. The crunchy shell is made on the premise and is always fresh and crispy.

We already had some food so we got a Pistachio Cannoli $3.50~ to share.
The guy behind the counter was really nice and asked if we wanted powdered sugar. He topped it with powdered sugar before serving to us. I'd have to say their cannolis looked pretty impressive. It's definitely bigger than most I've seen in the past.
I took the first bite. The filling was cold and creamy and sweet and the shell was very crispy. Everything seemed fresh, just like they state in their website. It was pretty good, but I was still right. I'm not a huge fan of cannolis, mainly because of the outer shell. It's too hard. I think if the outside would've been a fluffy, flakey pastry or donut it would be even better. haha. I know, I know...then it'll just be a cream filled donut, but what's wrong with that?!? haha. Just a textural preference for me I guess. The filling however, was great. It had a great consistency but it was soooo rich! I can't imagine eating more than one of those. And since we weren't very hungry to begin with, the 2 of us struggled to finish one. You really need some coffee or tea to wash it down or something. We ended up getting a couple spoons and just spooned out the filling. Neither of us cared for the crispy shell.

The people were really friendly. I think the owner or manager lady walked around the small store and asked how people were doing. And there's always a steady stream of people walking in. We lucked out and didn't have to wait when we got there and was able to get seats. They need to up their A/C though. It was pretty hot that day and we were hoping to hide from the heat a haha.

So I can tell all my friends that I've now tried it and it's still not for me. I don't think I'll go back for their cannolis. Their other desserts looked really good though. But if you are a cannoli fan, I can see what all the rave is about and definitely don't miss Mike's when you are in Boston. :)

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