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Friday, May 13, 2011

Simply Fit Meals

I recently discovered Simply Fit Meals not too far from my house. It just opened not too long ago. I'm always trying to eat healthier so I was excited to try it. I looked them up online and the menu seemed really tasty and most of them were under 400 calories! I mentally noted down a few items and stopped by on my way home.

Simply Fit Meals
8300 Preston Road
Plano, TX 75024
(469) 362-7348

Price: $

It's a small storefront with a few tables and chairs if you chose to eat there. But they are mainly a pick-up/delivery type deal. The inside smelled kind of like a dog grooming place? It was very unappealing... :/ All the meals are freshly made and then packaged and refrigerated. They are 100% natural and use as much local and organic ingredients as possible. You basically pop them into the microwave for like 2 minutes whenever you want to eat it. The prepackaged and microwave part made me skeptical that this was going to taste good...but I still wanted to give it a shot.

The selection was a little disappointing. They didn't have some of the items I wanted to try and the portions were quite small. They had 2 different sizes: 5K and 10K. It just means the 5K is smaller than the other and therefore less calories. The girl at the register (who wasn't really that friendly) says Thursdays are usually the best day to get more of a selection. I went on Tuesday and that was pick-up day.

I finally decided on 2 items. One of which I had preselected from online and the other just looked like the most food for the calories.

Seasoned Tilapia & Quinoa 5K (with asparagus) $7~ This one has 267 Calories. I ate this one that same night and saved the other for a later day. The fish was cooked well and I liked the texture of the fish with the quinoa. But it was lacking seasoning... severely... :( The fish looked like it was seasoned well but was pretty bland, and the quinoa basically had no seasoning at all. I had to drown the dish in tabasco to add flavor and spice. So it was cooked well, but bland. And it wasn't really filling enough...I had to eat an orange after just to be satisfied.

Italian Turkey Meatloaf 5k (with green beans and mashed sweet potato) $7~ This one has 351 Calories. The meatloaf actually had big chunks of green bell peppers inside which I thought was a nice addition. This looked promising because I love all the elements and it seemed more filling. But...I think I actually prefer the Tilapia better. The best thing about the meatloaf was the marinara, which was quite tasty but there was too little of it. :( The meatloaf itself had a strange texture but it was ok. It also kind of had a weird after taste like I was eating fake meat? I hate fake meat... But the marinara really helped it be much better...and of course, lots and lots of my trusty Tabasco!! haha. The green beans had no seasoning whatsoever... and the sweet potato also had a weird taste to it. I'm not sure if it has to do with being packaged and then reheated? But I make wayyy better sweet potato at home and it's probably just as healthy. I managed to finish it just because I don't have any other options for lunch but I had to eat a peanut butter cracker afterwards just to get rid of that weird after taste. That's additional calories I didn't need!!

So overall quite disappointing.. I was really hoping to have a good healthy option so close to home. There were more items I wanted to try from their menu, but now I'm a little hesitant to go back. The price was a little expensive for the portion and of course if the flavor isn't there...then there's no reason to go back. I don't know...maybe one day when I'm feeling adventurous again I might go back. Maybe get something with marinara since that was the only yummy thing in there...


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  1. Don't get a house account! If they close or move, you will lose your money :( I have that experience when they moved from Austin