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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brownstone! Again!

I dined with one of my quarterly get together groups this past weekend. Some of them are avid Top Chef followers so we all really wanted to go to Brownstone in Fort Worth. The Executive Chef is Casey Thompson from Season 3 and also Top Chef All Stars. I've been once before, but I find every reason to go back!

840 Currie Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 332-1555

Price: $$$

My bf and I got there a little earlier than our 6:30PM reservation time. We decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and also their happy hour specials! We sat outside to wait for the rest of our party with some drinks and an appetizer.

The hostesses and waiters were all super friendly. So was the bartender. I got the Mojito with Seasonal Fruit (which was Strawberry that day) $10~ The happy hour prices for cocktails were $7. It was super yummy! I'm not a big drinker...and this was perfect for me. I could feel the alcohol but I couldn't taste it too much. There was fresh crushed strawberries in there as well. My bf got a beer...I think that was like $3? We also ordered the Grandmother's Biscuit Pan (Fire roasted biscuits, homemade pork sausage, seasonal preserves: black plum and pear) $13~ Happy Hour is available in outside seating and in the bar. The appetizers were all half off. :) It was a pretty big appetizer...and totally yummy. The preserves were my favorite. OMG. It was sooo delicious. Made in-house. It was not too sweet and paired amazingly with the biscuits which were fluffy and moist and cooked perfectly. The outside had a nice crust and the inside was soft and fluffy. I wish I can have this every morning for breakfast. The sausage patties were pretty hefty. They were thick cut and the flavor was nice. I wish there was more of a crispy sear on the outside though. It was more food than we expected. We joked that we were full already before dinner even started!

Finally everyone arrived and we moved into the dining room. The party didn't all show up until about 20 minutes after the reservation but they never gave us any grief about people being late. They were really nice and accommodating and we were immediately seated once everyone was there. :)

Our waitress was really nice and presented all the specials clearly. She gave us some time to look over the menus, ask questions, and get our drink orders.

On to the food!!

Some appetizers to start...
Puffed Okra (green pepper sauce) $7~ This was really good. The okra was fried nicely and had good flavor. The green pepper sauce was so pretty...such a vibrant color and added a nice spice and acidity against the fried okra. We finished it pretty quickly! haha.

Smoked Beet and Chickpea Hummus (baby vegetables, Texas olive oil, sea salt) $9~ I had this the first time I went and I highly recommended it to my friends. They loved it! They were all surprised because most of them aren't really fan of beets. But the colors on the plate were amazing and the flavor was bold. They use seasonal veggies so this time there were some different vegetables than when I had it several months ago. It was as good as I remembered. I'm glad everyone liked it!

I was kinda getting full so I decided on the Green Beans and Creamy House-Made Curds (mixed greens, radicchio, boiled farm egg, savory brittle, apple) $12~ I wasn't too sure about the house-made curds so I asked the waitress what it was. She said it was basically like a pureed version of cottage cheese and that it paired really well with the salad. I trusted her judgement and decided to try it. The salad was super fresh and all the elements really did work together. On its own, I didn't care for the curds, but a little bit with each bite of salad just added that extra creaminess which was great. I also loved the brittle...there just wasn't enough of it!

I did notice that their entire entree section had changed since the last time I was there. I guess that's a good thing so you can always try something new when you go back!

My bf picked the Chicken Stuffed Chicken (Fire roasted Fran's Farm chicken, pepper jack grits, roasted sweet onion) $24~ The waitress explained how it was prepared. Basically they take the dark meat and grind it into a paste and then stuff it into the white meat and put a nice crispy sear on the outside of the chicken. It was so good! The white meat wasn't dry at all and the dark meat on the inside added additional flavor. The skin on the outside could've been a little crispier, but it had a lot of flavor. The sauce was delicious! The entire plate worked together beautifully. I would put all the elements on my fork and take one bite of everything. Awesome! The onions were tender and yummy and the grits were creamy and fantastic. I totally recommend this dish.

These were some of the other dishes...
Brownstone Grilled Chicken Sandwich (organic chicken breast, Brazos Valley pepper jack, dill pickles, malt vinegar slaw, waffle fries) $13~ I thought this was a great deal. It was a lot of food and the sandwich looked really good. I got to try a bite. It's not a typical grilled chicken sandwich. I really liked the slaw in there and all the other components added different flavors to make it a very interesting sandwich. And the fries were crispy and addicting.

Ocean Friendly Fish: Barramundi? (in a fish broth with mixed vegetables) $26~ This was the fish of the day. It looked like a really comforting and earthy dish. I got to taste the sauce a little and it had some kind of spice in it. Kind of had a curry-ish flavor. It was bold and flavorful. My friend really enjoyed it..although I'm not sure if it was enough food for him. haha.

Two people ordered the Cut of the Day: Red Deer Tenderloin (with creamed potatoes and mushrooms) $29~ One of my friends didn't like mushrooms so she got hers with mixed vegetables. They were very accommodating to her making changes to the dish. They both said the venison was really good. Very mild and cooked really well. I didn't get to try but it sure looked good! haha.

The Fresh Pasta of the Day: Scallops and Ravioli (Beet ravioli filled with cheese in a cream sauce) $27~ This looked amazing. I was kind of sad that I didn't choose to order this. The scallops were ginormous!! They had a great sear on the outside and the entire dish just looked so yummy. I didn't get to try this either but my friend loved it.

Everyone loved their food. YAY! :) I would recommend all of these dishes. And even though I was stuffed. We just HAD to get dessert!! Duh! haha.

They had a huge selection of desserts... like 8-10 different options or something. So many to choose from... I want them all!

I finally decided on the Strawberry Shortcake $8~ I figured it would be lighter since I was so full already. It was served in a little mason jar. So cute! It's not a typical strawberry short cake. For one, it was layered differently with the custard/cream on the bottom, then strawberries, then the cake, and freshly whipped cream. Of course it was delicious! The cream was smooth and not too sweet. The strawberries were really fresh and the whipped topping was nice and light. I also really liked the little bits of crushed up almond cookies layered in the middle with the cake. It added a nice crunch. It was a good choice...satisfying my sweet tooth and was light enough to not push my fullness over the edge. hehe.

Banana Pudding (with an almond cookie) $8~ This was also served in a mason jar with a big almond cookie on top. YUM! The pudding was creamy and full of banana flavor. I thought it was fantastic!

Chocolate Cake $8~ The cake looked really good. It was a little smaller than I imagined since the first time I was there, our cake was massive. It wasn't too sweet or heavy. My friends really enjoyed it. I wish the middle layer could've had more cream, but overall it was yummy.

Another fantasic meal at Brownstone. Unfortunately Chef Casey Thompson was not there again. :( Hopefully third time's a charm and I'll get to meet her the next time I go. I would also love to go for their brunch some time...guess I gotta get my butt out of bed and make the long drive one of these days. haha. Everyone had a great time and really loved the food. Yay! I always like it when they like my suggestions. :)

Can't wait to go back. If only they would open another location closer to Plano! hehe.

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