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Monday, August 23, 2010

RW #1: Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

Restaurant Week Dallas has officially begun! :)

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille
2000 McKinney Ave., Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 855-5151
Price: $$$$

I started off this year at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille in uptown.
The location in Dallas hasn't been around for very long...just opened within the past year or so. The first time I heard about this place was from my friends who went to the Houston location and would not stop talking about it. It was pretty exciting to find out we were getting one here!

We had a reservation for 8 people on a Thursday night. The place was packed when we arrived. The decor was very nice. Dim lighting, mahogany colors, walls of wine, and kind of art deco-y lights from the ceiling. It seemed pretty fancy to me but not stuffy.

The host was very friendly and showed us to our table. Two of our friends were already there. Everyone there was super friendly. I had to use the bathroom and on my way there, every waiter, manager, or host that I passed by acknowledged me and greeted me with a smile. So far so good!

After I returned, we realized that half of our group were not coming. Some had to back out last minute and some we could not get a hold of. So we told the waiter that we wouldn't mind moving to a smaller table so we don't take up one of their larger tables. The waiter and manager were very nice and accommodating. They said unfortunately they are booked for the entire night so there are no other availabilities, and there's no problem for us to stay at the large table. They were so nice...didn't make us feel bad for having so many empty seats.

They gave us some bread to start. The bread wasn't anything too special but it was warm and fluffy on the inside so I was happy. Plus it came with whipped butter...for easy spreading...always a plus!

Now it's time to order. For the appetizer I chose the Wedge Salad (lettuce topped with red onions, green onions, tomatoes and buttermilk Vinaigrette dressing). I really really liked this salad. First of all, it was HUGE! The lettuce was super fresh and crisp and all the toppings and dressing came together really well. The only complain is that there was too much dressing. HOWEVER, this dressing wasn't too heavy at all so I can let it pass that there was too much. I really wanted to finish it, but it was making me full already...I needed to save room for the entree!

My bf got the Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce tossed with parmesan cheese, spicy pumpkin seeds and Caesar Vinaigrette dressing). Also a hefty portion. The salad was different than your typical caesar flavors. The dressing had a nice tang to it...but not too sour. The pumpkin seeds were a nice touch...I loved the texture it provided.

For the entree, I got the Signature Pork Chop (cured, roasted, slow-smoked, and caramelized and served with homemade apple sauce). This is what they are KNOWN for, and I was super excited to see it available for restaurant week. Of course I had to order it! It was massive....FOUR bone-in chop that they carved for you table-side. It was served on a skillet, the smell was AMAZING!! After it was carved, the waiter explained to us the different pieces. Clockwise from the top left you have the ribs, the tenderloin, and what they called "eyelash". The eyelash is the piece that is at the end of the chop, where it hits the has the most flavor. The flavor of this chop was awesome. It was salty, sweet and bold all wrapped up in one bite. The applesauce was a great addition to it. The applesauce was cool and sweet and really cut the grease and fat of the meat so it wasn't too heavy. My favorite part were the ribs, I thought it was the most tender overall. The only complaints on this dish was that certain sections of the meats were quite dry. The bottom half of the tenderloin was extremely lean, therefore, dry. Flavors were still amazing though. But for the dryness I had to deduct some points. Also, I wish it had some veggies with it on the side. Obviously it was too big to finish. After giving some to my bf I took half the tenderloin, half the eyelash, and 2 ribs in a doggy bag. I wanted to keep eating, believe me....but there's still dessert!

My bf ordered the 8 oz. Filet Perry (Filet Mignon grilled then topped with Lump Crabmeat and steamed asparagus). It was pretty puny compared to my pork chops...hahaha. But it was excellent! It was pretty much cooked to perfection...soooo tender. And my favorite part of the steak was the crust. The crust was soooo good. Great flavors with a slight crisp. The asparagus was also cooked well and added a nice contrast to the meat. I didn't try the crab but my bf said it was really good and the crab was light and balanced well to the red meat.

Time for dessert!! We only had 1 choice which was the Dessert Trio (Hazelnut Praline Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Creme Brulee). It was so cute! They look small, but the portion size was perfect. The vanilla creme brulee was my favorite of the 3. It was a little thin compared to normal creme brulees, but the vanilla bean flavor was very prominent. The flavor was great, with the sugar crust on top. I normally don't care too much about creme brulees but this one was pretty tasty. 2nd favorite was the cheesecake. The texture was different than normal was more crumbly like an Asian cheesecake, but it was still super moist. I enjoyed it a lot. The truffle was my least favorite....surprised? since I LOVE chocolate...haha. It was very dense and rich. It was infused with Grand Marnier which gave it an orangey-citrus flavor. my friend thought the Grand Marnier flavor was too strong. I'm just not a fan of candy, and the truffle felt more like candy than a dessert...that is why it was my least favorite. Still...I cleaned my plate!

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. The flavors were fantastic, the decor was nice, and the service was excellent. The waiters were very nice and our water glasses stayed filled throughout the night. They were also very cool when I got up from my seat to take a picture of the guy carving my pork chop. They didn't look at me like I'm some that's a plus! hahaha. They also cleaned off the table after every course. One major plus was that they were constantly around us to make sure we're ok, but I never felt interrupted during the dinner. I was pretty impressed throughout the night.

I would definitely recommend this place for restaurant week. They don't treat you any worse b/c of this occasion. I would also go back in the future for regular menu. Definitely want to check out their lunch since they have a lunch cut of the pork chops for half the price. :)

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