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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Way @ Yourway

Went with a couple friends to check out Yourway Burgers a few weeks ago. We came across this place online while trying to find somewhere for dinner. The reviews were all pretty good so we were sold! It's located on Midway and Alpha...not a location I frequent often...

Yourway Burgers
13605 Midway Rd., Suite 120
Farmers Branch, TX 75244
(972) 386-8788
Price: $$

This is one of those order at the counter, build your own burgers kind of place. The only unique thing is that if you order a certain kind of patty, they mix all the fillings inside the patty. That sounded pretty cool, right?

Taken from their website: "So here is how it works - Step into Yourway, Build your own gourmet burger by filling out a check sheet that offers 6 types of meats, 6 types of buns, 6 types of cheeses, 6 infusable toppings and 6 delicious types of fries. Our 340,000+ different combinations make every order as unique as each customer."

So we studied the forms and I made my choices. I like the fact that you can all in most of the fillings without extra charge. But unfortunately, since I chose Turkey burger, they did not mix the stuff inside the patty. They said they just sauteed it and put it on top. That's fine w/ me.

From what I remember, I got the turkey patty, on wheat buns, with onions, red peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, red pepper flakes, fried egg, and pepper jack cheese. I'm sure I'm leaving off some stuff but you get the idea...basically everything I can choose w/o paying extra! haha. (Except the egg...that was an additional charge.)

I also got the combo meal which comes with a side and drink. It's a better deal if you wanted to order a side anyways. I picked the tater tots with the cajun seasoning. The combo came out to be around $10.50 or so. Not too shabby for that amount of food.

They give you a buzzer thing to wait for your order. Then there's a condiments bar on the side where you can add lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and all different types of sauces.

The burger looked really good but I was disappointed. There wasn't much flavor. All I could taste were the red pepper flakes. And the juices from the meat and all the toppings made the bottom bun incredibly soggy. Ew... I kinda regret not getting the beef patty so I can get all the toppings infused in the bun...makes for a cleaner burger I would think. The tater tots were pretty awesome. Fried perfectly! The only complaint is the seasoning...nothing cajun about it. All I got was salt and sugar. Still tasty, but not what I expected.

Overall, it was ok. I would recommend their sides for sure. The fries and tater tots were all nice and crispy. The burgers.....I've had wayyy better. No need to drive out to that area to get this. Village Burger Bar still one of my favorites!!

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