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Friday, August 12, 2016

Mesero on Henderson

Back in Feb, my coworkers and I went out for lunch to celebrate one of my coworker's 10 year anniversary. My boss was going to be out of the office so put me in charge of making the plans. I gave my coworker a few restaurant suggestions and we decided on Mesero on Henderson. I drive by this place weekly when I go work out and always wanted to check it out. Plus I've heard that their Cinco Leches cake is no joke. :)

Mesero - Henderson
2822 N Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 821-6426
Price: $$-$$$

Since the lunch was on the company, we kinda let loose. hehehe.

Chips and Salsas. There were 3 types of salsas. I can't accurately tell you which is which but I liked the middle one most cuz it was chunky. I liked the texture of their chips too.

Micorita (herradura "el jimador", frozen or rocks) $11~ We only got 1 for like 6 people. But shhhh... don't tell the boss! ha! :P

Queso Mesero (queso chihuahua, spinach, artichoke, poblano pepper) $10.95~ Yum! This queso was rich and cheesy. Paired well with the guac.
Aguacates "Guacamole" Tipico (avocado, lime, tomatillo) $10.95~ Loved it. I'll eat avocados any way.

Shrimp Ceviche (tiger shrimp marinated in citrus fruit, serrano pepper, heirloom grape tomato, avocado) $14.95~ 
Totally not what I expected. Upon first glance, it looked like a block of avocados. Not that I'm complaining. But once you scoop into it, you find the large chungs of shrimp. They definitely didn't skimp on the shrimp. it was perfectly plump and fresh. And more avo! We probably had about a dozen avocados during this meal. hahaha. Plus this dish is just beautiful. Full of vibrant colors.

Las Combinaciones (crema queso chicken enchilada, tejano enchilada, arroz rojo; served with choice of black or pinto beans) $11.95~ One of my coworkers ordered this because he loves crema queso chicken enchiladas. He said it was really good.

The rest of us did family style and ordered a bunch of different things to share.

Crispy "Daily Fish" Tacos (fish of the day, lightly battered, roasted corn, tomato, spicy ranch sauce, mesero slaw, arroz blanco) $12.95~ I'm not sure what the fish was but this was one of my favorites. Loved the charred corn in the tacos. The slaw was yummy too!

Pollo Tacos (roasted achiote chicken, iceberg, tomato, avocado, sauteed onion, arroz rojo) $11.95~ Also good, and very large.

Carne Asada Especial (10 oz grilled skirt steak, onion, serrano pepper, arroz rojo, pinto beans) $21.95~ Yum! The steak was cooked well. Quite tender even though it didn't look it.

Brussels Sprouts (serrano mango glazed) $7~ I'm allergic to mango so we got it without the glaze. A little greasy but still yummy. I'm a sucker for roasted brussels sprouts.

OMG. This was a ton of food but we had to have dessert!!!

Pastel Cinco Leches $7~ The one I've heard so much about. It did not disappoint. It was so moist and fluffy and it wasn't even drowning in milk like some other places try to do. I hate it when they drown it in milk and the cake itself is STILL dry. This was perfect. Not too heavy. Everyone loved it.

Choco Flan (chocolate cake, caramel flan) $7~ This was cool looking. But honestly, I could've done without one or the other. The flan was great on its own. And the chocolate on its own. Together, it didn't blow me away.

It was a great meal. Everything was yummy and fresh and soooooo much avocados! haha. Our waiter checked on us a lot though out the meal. It was definitely a great team outing. And save room for the Cinco Leches cake!

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