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Monday, August 1, 2016

Honeymoon in Greece - Athens

We went to Greece for our Honeymoon. Probably the top destination on my travel list and I was super excited!

We hit quite a few obstacles on the way to Athens. But that didn't stop us from eating! haha. (E stands for Euro by the way. :P)

The way to Athens:
SFO Airport - Chicken Pesto Pizza.
Getting through check-in and security at SFO International was a nightmare. Mainly because Air France is extremely inefficient. We waited over an hour and half in line at the check in counter purely because they are slow. Then security was another hour. We thought we had plenty of time to chill and get lunch but we barely had time to order food and take it on to the plane. Best pizza ever since we didn't get to eat lunch until about 4PM.

CDG Airport. We missed our connecting flight because Air France sucks and every flight is always delayed. :( So we were stuck in Paris for 7+ hours waiting for the next available flight. And before you say Paris is not so bad to be stuck in... this is the airport, we didn't dare leave. And they have surprisingly few food options in the terminal we were stuck in.
Of course there's Ladurée everywhere. But so expensive, so I just snapped a pic. hahaha.

We got some food vouchers so were able to get some dinner. And of course, our rescheduled flight was also delayed over an hour... didn't get into Athens until almost midnight. Sigh.

ATHENS -- 1 day bonanza! Since we lost half due to flight delays, we only had 1 day to see the sights. So we woke up early, despite getting in so late and hit up the Breakfast Buffet at the Athens Gate Hotel. They have a roof top restaurant with a great view. On one side is the Temple of Zeus, on the other is the Acropolis.

Later we headed towards the Acropolis. We had to walk through this area called Plaka which had a ton of shops and restaurants. We got some Gelato.

Late Lunch in Plaka:
Bread 1E~ per person. They didn't ask us if we wanted this, just gave it to us and charged us for it.. wtf.
Greek Salad 5,50E~
Pork Gyros 9,00E~ The best Gyro I've ever had I think. The meat was just so tender and flavorful. And that sauce... I think it's made of crack. And I don't think I've ever had a pork gyro before. In the states we usually just find lamb/beef, or chicken. 
Melon Juice 4,00E~

Poikili Stoa in Monastiraki. I read that this place had a really great view of the Acropolis and wanted to see it at sunset. I'm not sure how old that article is, but there's now a church or some structure obstructing the view. Oh wells. We still got some food.
Grilled Octopus 13,00E~ Really delicious. The Greeks really know how to cook their octopus. We ate it frequently during our trip and all were fabulous.

Mushroom Pie 6,00E~ This was also delicious. Think of a cream of mushroom soup stuffed in a crispy flaky pastry. Yum!

We saved room for dessert because we knew there was a gelato shop right by the restaurant. Kataifi is so amazing as a gelato. Not a big fan of the actual dessert though. We tried it later in Santorini.
And mint chocolate chip.

Late night eats: Kebab/Souvlaki Shop. On the way back to the hotel we kept passing by this shop so decided to get a late snack.
Pork Souvlaki (with pita) 2,30E~ Nothing like the pork gyro from lunch. It was no good.
Falafel Souvlaki (with pita) 2,80E~ - They put so much sauce that everything was soggy and just sour from the tzatziki. 
Beef Kebab Skewer 1,70E~ It looked really gross. And I didn't care for the flavor or that it was overcooked.
We had to get these to go since there were no seating. We walked 5 min back to our hotel and everything was soggy already. It was very disappointing. I've had way better in Dallas. At least it was pretty cheap.

Blue Star Delos - Ferry to Santorini.
We're heading to Santorini! Which is the main portion of the honeymoon. We went by ferry so we can see the sights and experience it. It takes about 8-9 hours for the entire trip though so be prepared if you get sea sick. I barely felt the current. It was a really smooth sail. I paid a little extra for us to be in the business lounge section. I'm so glad I did that. It was very spacious and we found a good table. Waiters come to you and you can order food from the cafe.

Spinach Pie 2,90E~
Chocolate Croissant 2,50E~
Biscolato (chocolate, biscuit, caramel sauce, foamed milk) 4,60E~ This drink was amazing!!!!! Sooooo good!

Goody's Club Sandwich (toasted bread with bacon, cheese, smoked ham, lettuce, tomato, and mayo; served with fries) 6,50E~
Caesar Salad with Chicken (chicken strips mixed with fresh lettuce, corn, croutons, grated cheese, olive oil vinaigrette) 6,50E~ 
Not bad... not anything spectacular either.

Sweet and Sour Pork (with fried rice). Meh. The fried rice was ok. That pork was super sweet... Bleh.

I have 2 separate posts for Santorini since we were there for almost a week. Seriously paradise, y'all. I can't wait to go back. Stay tuned!


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