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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wabi House 2.0

Three weeks came and went... my group went back to Wabi House for our follow up dinner. They have 2 small parking lots in the back of the restaurant now, which is nice. Parking in Lower Greenville sucks so much! We arrived at 6:30PM, the place was still pretty empty at the time and we were seated immediately.

Wabi House
1802 Greenville Ave, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75206
(469) 779-6474
Price: $$-$$$

I wasn't too hungry to begin with so I didn't really plan on ordering any appetizers. Plus they are so dang expensive! What place has appetizers that cost more than the entree? Sigh... Anyhoo... the rest of the group wanted appetizers so the masses win. haha. The waitress had some suggestions. And they all turned out to be really good!

Karaage (spicy aioli, shishito pepper, watermelon) $10~ 
The chicken was fried well and still juicy inside. I love the spicy aioli... which is just a fancy term for spicy mayo. hehe. Love me some spicy mayo. The watermelon was super interesting... it was a little salty and a little spicy and still sweet. I normally don't like watermelon at all but I actually ate a couple of these. It's a good dish, the lightness of the watermelon is a good contrast with the fried chicken.

Chicken Meatballs (minced chicken thigh, shallot, egg yolk tare) $9~ 
This was pretty cool. You break the egg and dip the chicken in there. The chicken had a nice texture. The flavor was a little sweet. I loved the egg yolk tare. I can just drink that up. haha. But damn... $9 for only 2 skewers? Wow...

Bone Marrow Shitake (fried shiitake mushrooms tossed in bone marrow butter) $13~ 
This came highly recommended by the waitress. It doesn't look that appetizing but it was delicious! The mushrooms were lightly fried so they weren't oily or heavily breaded. They weren't really tossed in the bone marrow butter, more like placed on top of it. The bone marrow made the butter even richer, gave it a hint of meat flavor but wasn't overpowering. I actually liked the mushrooms with the spicy aioli. It was my favorite out of the 3 but damn, $13 for fried mushrooms. I just can't get over how expensive the apps are... :(

Most people got the Tonkotsu ramen again. I got to try the broth and it was better! Everyone who had it the first time agreed. The broth seemed creamier and richer in flavor. Yay for improvement!

This time I got the Tsukemen (chashu, egg, chili strips, negi, pork belly dipping broth) $11~ Plus woodear mushroom +$1~ 
It has the same thick noodles as the Dry Garlic (dry ramen). Still legit! I freaking love their thick noodles. It's got so much texture and cooked perfectly al dente. The dipping broth had a ton of flavor. But it was a bit salty... and just kept getting saltier and saltier. By the time I finished eating, it was like I sucked on a salt brick for the last 20 minutes. I know the dipping broth generally is saltier and heavier than regular ramen broth, but it shouldn't be like just eating salt. That's easily fixable though.. just dilute with some hot water. The noodles, however, love them! 
I like the addition of the bacon too. But I think that contributed to the overall saltiness. It was a lot of food. I actually took half of it to go. FYI... they don't do to-go orders so they had to give me styrafoam cups to hold the food. hahaha. Whatever works I guess. So I had it again for lunch the next day. I poured some hot water into the broth and it was perfect! I'd have this again. And ask for hot water if it's too salty. :P

It was a better experience this time. Not saying the first time wasn't good. But I'm glad they showed significant improvement. :) Still super expensive... like $3 just for 1 extra piece of chashu (pork belly)... that's just kind of ridiculous. Doubt they'll reconsider their pricing though. ha. I guess I'll go sparingly...

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