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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tillman's Roadhouse

The place we wanted to go for dinner in Ft. Worth ended up being closed for a private party that day. Blahhh. So we decided not to stick around and just head back to Dallas.

I took the opportunity to suggest Bishop Arts District. I love that area, but it's just so dang far to go usually. As we were driving back, I went on and made a reservation at Tillman's Roadhouse. I had only gone once for brunch and once for dessert, so I've never had dinner there.

Tillman's Roadhouse
324 W 7th St.
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 942-0988
Price: $$$$

We arrived for our reservation by 6PM. The place was only about 30% full. By the time we got our food, it was packed. I'm glad we went early. I always love the decor here... especially the chandeliers. Western/cowboy meets fancy chic. haha. We were seated immediately, in this square table that was wayy too big for us. haha. We got drinks and quickly browsed the menu.

Chicken Fried Steak (buttermilk whippers, bacon braised green beans, charred poblano gravy) $28~ 
One friend ordered this after I described it to her. I've tried it before. Instead of normal, pounded down beef cutlet, Tillman's uses thick cut pieces of steak. The meat is super tender and the outside is nice and crispy. She loved it, and ate IT ALL. I was so impressed. haha.

Charred Baby Back Ribs (bacon mac & cheese, chive, house chipotle barbeque) $26~ 
This looked so yummy. I loved the mac and cheese, good texture and flavor. The ribs... flavor was good, but was quite dry. It definitely needed the bbq sauce.

Flat Iron Steak (char-grilled flat iron steak, wild mushrooms, chimichurri, tobacco fried onions) $28~ 
My fiance got this. The steak was tender. There were different types of mushrooms which he really enjoyed. The chimichurri added a splash of brightness to the dish. Overall very good.

I finally decided on the T Burger (house ground beef, tillamook cheddar, texas farms mixed greens, tomato, fresh mayo, potato bun; side of truffled tater tots) $13~ 
I subbed the tots for Bourbon Sweet Potato Fries (fresh sweet potato fries, bourbon salt, house spiced ketchup). The fries pieces were small and short, didn't look that great, but it was really tasty. Especially loved the housemade ketchup. It was sweet, and the texture was kind of like apple sauce. I slathered that on my burger too, made it better. The burger was great! Definitely not the best I've had, but enough to satisfy my meat craving. I ate it all!

Before we even got to the restaurant, I said we had to get the tableside s'mores. I've heard so much about them but never tried it. Luckily they have a full and half version, cuz two of my friends were too full to help. And neither of them liked marshmallows... what?!?!

Tableside S'mores (marshmallow duo, cinnamon grahams, dark chocolate bark) Half $8~ 

Maple and Strawberry marshmallows. This was a lot of fun. Everything was made in house. The marshmallows were nice and fluffy and you can actually taste the different flavors. We both liked the maple better. I loved the dark chocolate paired with the cinnamon and marshmallows. Yum! Definitely a fun way to end the night.

At some point I'll have tried all the restaurants in Bishop Arts... may take years, but I'm gonna make it happen! haha.

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