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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NYC: Jacob's Pickles

This was another place that came HIGHLY recommended. I can't believe it wasn't even on my radar. Amazing comfort food. In New York! Who knew?!? 

Jacob's Pickles 
509 Amsterdam Ave. 
New York, NY 10024 
(212) 470-5566 
Price: $$-$$$ 

The name automatically grabbed my fiance because he loves pickles. And we both love Southern comfort food so we made a point of going there. It would be our "first dinner". 

The 3 of us (us plus his sister), got to the place around 5:30 or so on a Friday afternoon? It was so packed but we were seated immediately. The seating in the back is communal so we shared one long table with several other parties. It's a pretty cramped space but the decor of the restaurant is cool. Totally not what I expected at all. We got a bunch of things to share. 

Since we had another dinner at 9:30... we didn't want to overeat too much. 

Root Beer on Tap: Saranac Root Beer, New York (vanilla rich, creamy flavor, thick-bodied, caffeine free) $5~ Sounded good, but was a bit flat. And tasted like it came out of a soda machine... and it was. Meh. 

Pickles 4 for $11~ (Big Dill Kosher Cukes, Dilly Green Beans, Candy Red Beets, Sweet & Spicy Carrots). 
We picked 4 different types of veggies. They both love pickles, I can be with or without them. I guess they were all pretty good? The actual pickle was our least favorite. The carrots were their fav. And surprisingly mine too! I usually hate carrots, but whatever flavors went into the pickling, was really yummy. 

Grit Crusted Fried Green Tomatoes (sour green tomato brine, house picnic sauce) $9~ 
I think we could've done without this dish. It was good, but we weren't that hungry to begin with. The grit crust was fried nicely. And the sour green tomato brine was a nice accompaniment to the dish.  
Biscuits & Gravy (Sausage gravy) $9~ 
We were told we HAVE to get this. And it was a valid suggestion. The sausage gravy is DIVINE! Please just gimme a tub of it. I don't even need the biscuit (which was also good tho). One of the best sausage gravies I've ever had. Wow.. 

Mushroom Gravy Smothered Chicken (buttermilk fried chicken, 2 year aged Vermont cheddar; served with Grain Miller Organic Cheese Grits) $14~ 
We wanted to try the mushroom gravy, which is also fantastic (sausage still better). But it reminded me of the mushroom sauce on La Madeleine's Chicken Friand. I freaking love that stuff! The chicken was fried well. I just dipped everything into the sausage gravy. haha. 

 It was a great recommendation. I almost wished we didn't have a later dinner and can try more things. They totally give the South a run for its money! :P 

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