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Friday, June 19, 2015

NYC: Madison Square Eats

About 2 weeks before our NYC trip, I saw a post on Facebook about Madison Square Eats and how it's going from May 1st - May 28th. Sweet! We were gonna be there for it's last weekend! It's a semi-annual culinary pop-up market. The fall installment is from Sept 4th - Oct 1st. It's meant to be, we gotta go check it out!

Madison Square Park
May 1 - May 28, 11AM-9PM Daily

We went for an early lunch on Friday. My fiance's sister had taken the day off to hang out with us. Yay! So she met us there. It's just a small area by Madison Square Park but cute and bustling with people already. And just so happens it was like the sunniest day ever. Got hot really quick!

It reminded me of Smorgasburg (which we went to on Saturday) but just smaller. We did a quick look around and scoped out where we wanted to eat at. And then split up so we can save time.

Blackened Brussels Sprouts $4~ I freaking love Brussels Sprouts so I had to get these. It was kind of a let down. They were soggy and a bit too salty. I've definitely had better.
Arnold Palmero (lemonade/iced tea) $3~ I also decided to get a drink since it was so hot. This was yummy. I love a good Arnold Palmer. :)

Margherita Pizza (tomato, basil, mozzarella) $9~ Plus Speck +$2~ 
Everyone I mentioned Madison Square Eats to, told me to get Roberta's. So I guess we've gotta try it! A peronal size pizza, thin crust. After you place the order, it takes about 10 minutes before pickup. They had their mobile oven there making pies to order. It was good, a little too salty though. The crust was nice. Wasn't blown away.

The Cannibal
Pig Head Cuban $12~ 
Oh man... that pig head goooood!! It was a good sized Cuban. At first we weren't too impressed but the more I ate the more I liked it. I got a big bite with a lot of the pig head and it was amazing!! Uber tender, so full of flavor. I think this was my favorite of the day.

Reuben (Corned beef, kraut, gruyer, mustard). 
Not sure how much this was, but considering the average prices at Mad Sq Eats, I'd guess $9-11 or so. Huge chunks of corned beef. Sooooo juicy. And the pretzel bun was an excellent touch. A close number 2 in my opinion. Yummy.

Crackly Chocolate Cookies + Malted Chocolate Rum Ice Cream Sandwich $4~ 
As we were finishing up, I said "there's an ice cream sandwich place!" They had a cute display of the available flavors on the cart. We all decided to just get one and share. It was a good sized sammich. And frozen well. The texture of the cookie was still chewy and slightly soft. It's not light biting into a brick. And the cookie held up to the ice cream really well. None of the ice cream squished out when you bit down on it. That's always a good sign! Especially when you are standing and eating. The cookie is definitely crackly! NOMS! I'd totally eat their ice cream sandwiches again.

I'd say a pretty good start to our Friday. We weren't overly stuffed. Which is good, cuz... we're headed towards more food in just a bit! haha.

Make sure you go check out their fall event starting September 4th!!



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