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Friday, April 24, 2015

Taiwan March 2015: Breakfast/Snacks

Ahhh.. I can't believe I've been back from Taiwan for almost a month now. Time flies. Need to do posts.... There's a lot so I tried to categorize them.

We stayed at the Fu-Hau Hotel in Tapei. It's next to Da-an MRT station. Super convenient. And free breakfast every morning.
Hotel Breakfast (All You Can Eat):
Black Sesame & Matcha Milk
Black Sesame Steamed Bun

Breakfast Sandwich place
Bacon Sandwich plus Egg NT$45~

Ham & Egg Pancake NT$30~

A must go for me for breakfast in Taipei. In this little alleyway, the best rice noodles with all sorts of sides. Pig Intestine, pork, tofu, kelp, and more. The best!!

We discovered that 7-Eleven had the best soft serve. Made with milk from Hokkaido. It's magnificent. And 7-Eleven's are EVERYWHERE! We had a lot of these. 

One day we decided to go light on the food and just eat a little from place to place. I took him to this gua bao place by my grandma's. Their gua baos are huge, one is enough to sustain you. 
Loaded with fatty pork and lean pork, and a bunch of other stuff. The buns are steamed to perfection and holds everything together so well. He loved it. After we finished the owner lady actually ran out after us to ask how he liked it. And she told us they had been in business for almost 60 years now, spanning 3 generations! We wanted to go back again, but didn't have time. :(

I got hungry while shopping in the underground shopping street (under Sogo), and got some potstickers. (From left to right) Curry, Original, Korean Spicy. All very good. I think the curry was my fav. 

Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast: Rice Balls! Stuffed with all different types of things but generally a Chinese donut (yo-tiao), some shredded dried pork, pickled veggies, maybe an egg. Deeeee-licious! And it's grab and go food!

I finally tried Mos Burger. My sister's bf wanted to try it too. And a friend of mine is so shocked that I've never had one. There's just so much other stuff to try when we're in Asia, I never got around to it. So on the way to lunch, we bought one to share among 4 people. The one with the rice buns of course!!
We got the beef patty one with rice buns, lettuce, onions, an egg, and some sort of sauce. NT$105~ 
And we had them cut it in half and wrap it separately. For a fast food place, it wasn't so fast... I think we waited about 10 minutes to get this burger. And it's so pricey! I can get cheaper and better at McDonald's. I didn't care for it at all. The rice bun was soft, the patty was soft, everything was one texture. The flavor was ok. But totally didn't get the hype. At least I can say I've had it now!

We went to the Taipei Zoo one afternoon, and they had a McDonald's inside. Of course... Mickey D's are everywhere! They had a tea flavored McFlurry. So when you eat it with the soft serve, it's like milk tea. Pretty pretty awesome!

After the zoo we went to ride the Maokong Gondola to go up the mountain. It was sunset and soooo beautiful. The sun made the whole city look like it's on fire! At the top of the mountain there were some street food so we got a snack. It was about a 30 minute ride up so we got hungry. haha. The guys got to try Stinky Tofu for the first time! 
Needless to say, they hated it. It smells like the name, it's pretty dang stinky. And it's an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it. And if you love it, once you start eating, you don't smell it anymore. And if you hate it... well... stop eating then!
We also got some interesting Green Onion Pancakes.

Black Sesame Ice Cream in one of the mall food courts. It was super black sesame-y. Love it!

Gotta hit up the night markets at least a few times right? :P
This wasn't technically a "night market" but XiMenDing has a ton of street food, shops, vendors, and performers. It's where all the young people go. Good for people watching!

Yilan Onion Pie. These small pan fried things filled with green onions and soup. HOT soup... be careful when eating! And assume a squatting stance so it doesn't get on your shoes!!

Fried Chicken. We got one regular and one spicy. Also got fried squid!

Black Sesame Milk Tea. Noms!

Super Matcha Latte! Good but this place, Tsujiri, was soooooo expensive. I could've gotten 4-5 pearl milk teas for this one drink!

The last morning, at the Taipei airport, I got some breakfast as a last hurrah. Congee with pork, thousand year egg, chinese donut, and green onions. Huge bowl! The 2 of us shared it and it was more than enough. And really really good. :)



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