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Friday, March 13, 2015

Modmarket - Plano

So...last week, while we had snow day, I discovered this amazing new place basically in my own backyard! I've heard about Modmarket and their opening but I didn't realize it was 2 minutes from my house. Another healthy food place... I was skeptical and didn't pay much attention to it. Usually they either don't fill you up, or is too expensive, or both!

8400 Preston Road, Suite 100
Plano, TX 75024
Price: $$

So on our snow day last week... (I get cabin fever really easily btw) I was working from home and I called up a friend of mine who works near by to see if he wanted to lunch! He'd been to Modmarket before and said it was pretty good. I literally drove for 5 minutes (the extra 3 due to the slush on the roads) and I'm there.

I love the look and feel of the place. Lots of wood paneling and tables, very cute, health food-esque feel. You order at the counter and they give you a buzzer. Sometimes they bring the food out to you too.

My friend got the Thai Coconut Salad (mixed greens, sweet potato, cucumber, grated coconut, roasted chicken, peanut mango dressing) Full $9.10~ 
It was huge!! I tried a little bite since it had coconut grated all over it. Not a fan of that. It didn't even need the dressing. Lots of flavor already. I can't have the dressing anyways since it has mango, but he said it's very peanuty.

I couldn't decide so I got 2 things.

Crimini Kale Pizza (roasted crimini mushrooms, kale, red onions, organic red sauce) Half $4.50~ I just got half on this since it was just for me. This dish is vegan btw. It was huge! And looked so good! Lots of toppings, lots of flavor, and it was under 200 calories. Wow! The pizza is super thin, but the crust was still doughy and chewy which I like. No complaints what-so-ever! And I ate the whole thing. :P

Cashew Butternut Soup (with a whole wheat toast) $4~ This is gluten free and vegan. It was a bigger bowl than I expected. The toast on the side was a bit dry but the soup was fantastic. It was warming on such a snowy day. And I liked dipping the pizza crust in it.

Red Velvet Cookie $1~ This was an impulse buy since they had homemade treats all around the front register. It was really good. Soft and pillowy and you can really taste the red velvet. Wasn't artificial tasting as sometimes red velvets can get. It was just a little small. hehe.

Needless to say. I loved it!! And my over all meal (minus the cookie) was only like 360 calories or something. They include the nutritional information on your receipt. :)


I loved this place so much, I was telling my sister and some friends about it later that night and they wanted to go. I was gonna go home for dinner but I decided to tag along. haha. It's so good!!

Farmer Salad (mixed greens, roasted chicken, grapes, feta, corn, almond, champagne vinaigrette) Full $9.50~ 
This is gluten free. I got it to share with a friend. Again, huge portion, lots of flavors, we didn't even need the dressing. We both didn't liked feta so we took that off. Everything else was great. Mixture of flavors from the sweet grapes, to the smokey roasted corn, to the tender chicken. And all sorts of textures too. Loves it! I will totally get this again. And it was so big we only made it through 2/3rds of it. I took the rest to go as my lunch the next day.

Basil Chicken Sandwich (roasted chicken, basil aioli, tomato, onion, provolone, arugula; on ciabatta) Half $4.50~ 
I got this to supplement the salad. I loved the basil aioli on this. The chicken was super tender and the bread held everything together really well. Thumbs up!

Bianco Pizza (roasted garlic puree, baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil, parmesan) Half $5.50~ My friend who I shared the salad with got this. All the ingredients were really fresh. It was yummy.

My sister and another friend shared the Wild Mushroom Pizza (seared wild mushrooms, creme fraiche, gorgonzola, red onion, 3 cheese blend, wilted arugula) Full $9.50~ 
It looked so delicious. They both loved it. I tried a bite...if you love mushrooms this is totally for you. They each got a soup to supplement the pizza. (sorry no picture) We were all extremely full after.

So yea, one of my favorite new places. Yummy, healthy and affordable! And it's so close! I will definitely be back for sure. In fact, I think I'm going again tonight!! :P

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