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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taiwan March 2015: Dinners

Dinners in Taipei were a bit all over the place since we had several appointments for our engagement photo shoot, and also meeting up with friends. We also skipped some dinners to get dessert. :P hehe. Stayed tuned for that post, it's gonna be awesome!

Barista Coffee
I always try to meet up with a friend of mine in Taipei so I see him about every other year. We met at a coffee shop but decided to get some dinner there as well. The coffee shops in Taipei have full on meals, not just pastries and desserts.
Vegetable Curry (with salad and rice)

Green Tea Latte (cold)
Some sort of rice with meat or smoked salmon and cheese baked on top. Looked really yummy.

During our engagement shoot consultation, we stayed way longer than we expected, so the studio ordered some dinner for us. Taiwanese Pork Chop Rice - To go box. Soooo delicious! One of my favorite meals of all time! A well fried piece of pork chop, rice, and veggies. It's the best. :)

After our all day photo shoot, we wanted to get something lighter for dinner. We hit up this place that my family frequents. Congee and dishes shared family style. Unlimited refills of the congee (with yams), and you pick the dishes you want to pair with it. Fast and delicious!

One night we set aside to hit up the food courts at a mall. We were wandering around the food courts of Sogo (the newer one) and we noticed they had a Santouka!! My favorite ramen place in the whole wide world. And there's not line yet! We were able to get a table immediately. The menu is different than the one from Cali so we tried new things. He got the Shoyu dipping ramen (reg) NT$280~
I got the cold ramen (pork, seaweed, cucumbers, salmon sashimi, woodear mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, egg and peanut sauce). 
There was a bit too much sauce but everything else was amazing. They really know how to cook their noodles to the perfect texture! And we can't eat at Santouka and not get the special pork!! So we got a side of that. Still buttery goodness... melts in your mouth.

Our last night in Taiwan, we met up with my aunt and uncle in Danshui. They took us to a really fresh seafood place right next to the ocean. Literally translated.. the name is "Big Fat - Live Seafood" hahaha. They had multiple tanks with live stuff in front of the restaurant. You pick, they grab and cook. Awesome! This wasn't as cheap as Kenting though. But we ate soooo much.


Fried Rice... probably one of the best I've ever had. Not sure how they made it but it was like crack. 
Sea Snails. You have to pick them out with a toothpick. My fiance loooooved them. :D

Fish Soup
Steamed Fish
Squid (gigantic!)


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